How to Leverage Your Gifts For the Greater Good and Inspire Others

We were all born with gifts that can be used to inspire others for the greater good. However, many people get stuck. They push their talents aside or are too scared to share their gifts with the world. To inspire others, you must leverage your gifts for the greater good. 

Inspire others through your gifts for the greater good: Be an In-flow-encer, not an influencer. 

In-flow-encers put people in the flow. They inspire others to act for the greater good and help people realize their passions, purpose, and dreams in life. Here are 5 crucial elements to becoming an In-flow-encer. 

Accept and appreciate yourself.

Understand that you have already won. This is a type of self-love. It will allow you to stop focusing on who is in front of you or behind you. Instead, you will be more aware of the things that matter. 

Know your Why

Do the inner work so you can discover what your purpose is. When you know and understand who you are and why you are here, your life becomes an incredible experience. 

Trust in Faith

When we shop for the right things with our faith, we gain more than when we shop with money. 

Be clear and commit to your purpose.

Be clear on what you want. When you are clear, you can be committed; when you are committed, you can be courageous. 

Build Convictions

Having a deep conviction will allow your wants and needs to agree. You will not have a why if you go through life without deep convictions. 

The Takeaway: Becoming an In-flow-encer to inspire others. 

Everyone can inspire others. All you have to do is lean into your gifts. Your gifts, passion, and purpose are all intertwined. Once you understand who you are and what you want, you can find your gifts and start sharing them with the world for the greater good. The more you give to others, the more you put into the world, and the more you will receive in return. Being an In-Flow-encer is all about supporting others and the world around you. 

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