How to Let Go of Control to Be More Present in the ‘Now’

Most people don’t know how to let go of control. Surrendering control is all about living in the moment. The Power of Now and The Untethered Soul are two books about surrendering to the present. Now is all we have. We can remember our past memories and dream about the future, but all we have now is NOW. 

Super Mario shares that living in the moment has been a struggle for him. Due to life, he currently lives in a house filled with two houses worth of stuff. This obviously makes things a little cluttered, and over the past few months, he has realized that he enjoys clean decluttered rooms. Being stuck in this situation can lead to stress, anger, and resentment, preventing you from achieving your goals.

How to Let Go of Control

The fact is, we can only control ourselves. We have zero control over the world around us. Only through surrender can you truly let these negative emotions go. You can’t change the situation, only your presence at the moment. Holding onto resentment or anger only affects how you feel, not the problem itself. 

It’s About Your Perception

Once you sit with the idea of surrender, you realize something vital. You must change your internal approach before changing the external problem. The first step is acceptance of the problem. You can’t “let it go.” Learning to deal with it, or pretending it doesn’t exist, is not accepting it. You only allow your problems to grow and fester when you try to avoid them. You have to face them head-on. 

Peace and Happyness are NOT the Same Things

You don’t have to be happy about a situation or problem to be at peace with the situation. You have to accept that it IS. True surrender to your problem or challenge will remove your anger and resentment. This allows you to find ways to improve the situation or problem you may be dealing with. 

What You Can Do to Help the Situation

While you cannot control this situation, you can take small steps to improve your feelings about the situation. Ask yourself these questions to think about how to let go of control and live in peace with your circumstances. 

  1. What are you holding resentment for? 
  2. What can you allow yourself to be at peace with? 
  3. What small steps can you take to alleviate the pressure? 

Letting go of control is mostly about understanding that some things in life just ARE. You can only control your actions. What actions can you take to make your NOW better? 

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