How to Improve Public Speaking: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Glossophobia 

With 3 out of 4 people wondering how to get better at public speaking, we know that glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is a serious problem. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work, speaking at a conference, or giving a toast at a wedding, the thought of being in the spotlight can be incredibly daunting. 

But the truth is, public speaking is an essential skill that can help you advance in your career and personal life. So, how to conquer the fear of public speaking?

How to improve public speaking: Adopt the SPEAKER formula

The S.P.E.A.K.E.R. acronym is the key to overcoming glossophobia and mastering the art of public speaking in easy steps. Here’s how to master the art of public speaking:

Stay in your expertise

When you’re invited to speak, it’s because someone sees something in you and values your expertise. So, it’s important to remember that you are the expert in your niche, and thus, you need to show up as all of who you are. Trust in your abilities and the value that you bring to the conversation. This is how to get better at public speaking.

Proper preparation

This is key in preventing poor performance and improving your public speaking skill. Know your topic inside and out, stay within your strengths, and practice, practice. Write down the top 3 things you want your audience to walk away with. 

Energizing and engaging.

Being enthusiastic, knowing your audience, and keeping them engaged is also how to get better at public speaking. This will help to create a positive and interactive atmosphere, making your talk more enjoyable for both you and your audience.

Add a piece of “you.”

How do you want to show up on stage or in the conversation? What is it that makes you unique and adds value to the discussion? By being true to yourself and bringing your unique perspective, you can create a more meaningful and impactful experience for everyone involved.

Keep breathing

Sometimes, glossophobia catches you unaware. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to pause and take a deep breath. By taking a moment to breathe, you can refocus and maintain your composure, even if things don’t go exactly as planned. 

Takeaway: How to get better at public speaking

The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is common and understandable, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. By staying in your expertise, properly preparing, being energizing and engaging, adding a piece of yourself, and regulating your breath, you can master the art of public speaking and show up confidently and authentically when it’s your chance to shine your light. 

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