How to get to know yourself: Finding Your Identity to Live a Balanced Life

Three steps will show you how to get to know yourself. To live a balanced life, it’s important to reflect on who you are and what you want from life. We often put others before ourselves, harming our health and well-being. We must find a balance between caring for others and caring for ourselves. Trying to level up in all aspects of our lives is difficult, but finding a balance is crucial to stay on track with our goals.

  1. Why are you the way you are? 
  2. What’s your core identity? 
  3. What impact do you want to make? 

Understanding how to get to know yourself is the first step to living a balanced life. Here are three steps to finding your identity. 

Step 1: Set your posture and energy by fueling your body correctly.

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and parents, we must be aware of our body language. Eighty percent of communication is nonverbal, so ensuring our body language is aligned with our intention is essential. To do this, we must fuel our bodies properly with nutrients, movement, and sleep. We also need to be mindful of what we consume mentally and emotionally. We can practice emotional intelligence in our daily lives by being aware of these things. 

Here’s how to get into a proper stance:

  • First, stand up tall with your shoulders back and down.
  • Tuck your butt under the hips and align your hips with your shoulders.
  • Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Run your fingers from the middle of your stomach above your head, and then relax your shoulders by dropping them down.

Fuel your body correctly to be in balance.

The body is a vehicle. If you use bad fuel, you get poor performance. The same is true for your body; if you consume junk, your body will run like junk. You need to take care of your body and ensure it’s in tip-top shape to be the best version of yourself.

Step 2: Set your core values to understand who you are. 

The second step to finding your identity is discovering your core values. We are constantly being tested and challenged. However, if we know we will be challenged, we can prepare ourselves and be unstoppable. 

When we face obstacles, we can stay focused on our goals by our guide or Northstar. These are our core values. 

How to find your identity: setting your Northstar:

Finding your identity is possible by using your north star to guide you. When thinking about the things that matter in your life, it’s essential to consider your core values. These are the principles that guide your life and inform your decisions. They can be things you need more of, nourishing you or things you want to do for others. They can also be your non-negotiables.

How to set your Northstar:

  • Make a list of all the words that matter in your life. 
  • Look over your list and rack and stack them until you have your top 3 words. 
  • Once you have your top 3 words, make sure you have them listed by priority as well. 

Now you have your core values. Use these words to help you stay on track when challenges come. 

Step 3: We have to recognize the impact we are making. 

The final step in learning how to get to know yourself is recognizing your impact. You have unique gifts and talents that you can share with the world. Be confident and showcase your individuality. Remember, people are drawn to authenticity, so always stay true to yourself. To understand what you bring to the world and the impact you make on others, follow these steps: 

  1. Write down three characteristics of yourself. When you leave the room, how do people describe you? These are the things you bring to others. Embrace your impact on them and lean into these characteristics to understand your identity. 
  2. Once you know the characteristics you bring to others, think about the energy you want to bring to the room. Does this align with how people describe you? You can’t be someone else. You can only be yourself, but you can influence how you enter a situation. And you can learn to accept yourself for the energy you do bring. 

How to get to know yourself to find your identity.

When you are lost, it can feel impossible to comprehend how to get to know yourself. But these three steps will bring you closer to balance. The trick to finding your identity lies within your CORE. You can find your identity if you have a strong posture, fuel your body correctly, and set core values. Living in balance is only possible if you align all pillars of your life with your core beliefs. 

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