How to Get Out of a Funk

We all feel stuck sometimes, but the question is how to get out of a funk when we realize we are in one. Regardless of your success, struggles will always be a part of life. Struggle births development, but it often feels like defeat when we go through them.

The main thing to remember when feeling in a funk is that your perspective is not the only way to see it. Try to step out of your situation and analyze it objectively. This helps you react with logic. Always take a break and view the situation from an outside perspective. 

7 Tips for Fixing Your Focus When in a Funk

We’ve all been in a funk at some point in our lives. When feeling in a funk, try these seven tips. 

1 Lean into your lack of motivation

This may sound counterproductive, but we must learn to give ourselves grace. It can be challenging to do this, but it is necessary. You have to stop being hard on yourself. Understand that it is okay to have a dip. Lean into whatever is causing your mental funk and let yourself know it will be okay.

2 Find and acknowledge the root cause of your funk

Once you have acknowledged that you are in a funk and leaned into it, you can investigate what is causing your funk. Before thinking about how to get out of a mental funk, you need to know the root of it. If you want to fix the underlying problem causing your funk, you must be very clear about what is causing it. 

The Meaning Of FEAR

  • F – False 
  • E – Evidence
  • A – Appearing
  • R – Real

3 Make a list of all possible solutions 

Make a specific list of solutions that can solve your mental funk. This will help you create a strategy that will take you to where you want to be. Find out what is holding you back from achieving the life you want to live. 

4 Find a tribe

Getting out of a funk is often easier with others to help you. Find a tribe to help you. Surround yourself with people who have done the things you want to do or are going to the places you want to go. The people around you matter more than you know. 

5 Take note of the habits putting you in a funk.

Make a list of your negative habits and work towards stopping them. Also, make a list of the good habits you have. Work on trading one bad habit you have for one new good one. 

6 Create a plan.

Action is what will immediately help you feel more motivated. Create a plan that will help you take action toward changing your habits. 

7 Make a list of activities that excite you and DO them.

Understanding how to get out of a funk can be challenging, but the final tip is a fun one. Do things you like. You can fix your funk by doing something that excites you. Pick one to start today!

How to get out of a funk: Wrap up.

It’s okay to not be okay. Remember that every storm runs out of rain. You need to ask yourself the difficult questions. Ensure the people around you are pushing you forward and not holding you back. Detach yourself from what is bringing you down. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

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