How to Get Excited About Life

Have you ever seen kids playing and wondered how to get excited about life like that? They say time heals all wounds and that with enough time, all will be forgiven. Some even say with enough time, we can recover from pain, trauma, etc. 

Whether you agree with that sentiment or not is up to you. But the question is, how much time do you have for that healing or forgiveness? If you are buying into the idea that time, in fact, does heal all wounds, how much time are you giving yourself? How much time do you have to wait before you wonder how to get excited about life again?

The truth of the matter is we don’t know how much time we have on this earth. But if you did know, would you accelerate that forgiveness or healing process? Or would you wait until the very end? 

The first step to getting excited about life again: live in the moment

There are so many things in this world that are happening at the same time. And because there is so much happening at the same time, much goes unnoticed. The word meanwhile means at the same time or the intervening period of time. While one life is lost, another is born at the exact same moment. Or, while one family is being torn apart, another family is coming together. 

We operate in such a way that doesn’t require much thought. So much is happening at every given moment that goes unnoticed until something happens, forcing us to be aware of it.

How to get excited about life using the perspective of a child

Adults tend to take simple things and make them complicated. Kids, however, get excited about life. They know how to get excited about life without question. They see everything with fresh eyes, knowing they will find something new and exciting every time they look. 

What would happen if we took the time to examine what was happening in our world from a child’s perspective? Examine the different areas and aspects of your life as a child would from a place of curiosity. If we can examine our lives through the eyes of a child, it can help us remember who we truly are, and we will remember how to get excited about life. 

When trying to find your excitement in life again, remember these key elements: 

  • Happiness lives inside the smallest moments.
  • Curiosity, excitement, faith, and trust are powerful combinations to bring back into our lives.
  • Seeing things through the eyes of a child can bring us closer to God.
  • It’s important to take charge of your life. Overcoming self-doubt is the first step toward that.
  • What actions are you taking in your life that aren’t serving you? Or, what actions in your life aren’t getting the attention they deserve?

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