How to Focus on Yourself and Reach Your Goals

Reaching goals is a struggle many people face, but the trick is understanding how to focus on yourself. We all tend to put others first, but if you want to reach your goals and level up your life, you need to be intentional about what goals you set, and the time you put aside to reach them. The time is now to level up your life. The BWC Daily hosts are experts in their field and can give you the roadmap to achieving your dreams. 

The Art Of Goal Setting, with Renee Knorr

What do you want for yourself in the next six months? To transform your life and experience success, focus on personal development, then take action. With action, you’ll change everything and achieve your goals. There are many opportunities for wealth, and it can be unlimited if we seek it. There are no limitations, even though we were taught to believe there were. 

Shifting your mindset is key to making more money. This can be accomplished by setting goals, finding accountability partners and mentors, and engaging in self-development.

Ten ways to be intentional and establish your goals

  1. Write an “I am” commitment statement with gratitude and a completion date.
  2. Always know your “why” and underline and define it. 
  3. Physical growth and health are critical. Without our health, it won’t be easy to reach our potential. 
  4. Set a completion date. This is an agreement you make with yourself to complete the necessary actions. Speak it out loud to reassure yourself and hold yourself accountable
  5. List out the ways you are self-sabotaging yourself. 
  6. Embrace technology, learn it, and focus on how to use it to your advantage.
  7. Stop waiting for others’ approval to do what you need to do.
  8. Stay focused on the goal and when it is completed. 
  9. Find who you want to work with. 
  10. Leave your comfort zone. Infuse yourself with new information and take action.

These goal-setting tips will add value, but you must do the work. Understand how to focus on yourself to put your goals first. Remember, it is “Growth over comfort zone.” 

The time is now: Unlock the full potential of your mind with Glenn Lundy

“When you are ready, you are welcome to join me in the truth of your great beauty.” When we look at this quote, we realize there is no pressure to join immediately. Instead, you can join when you are ready. 

Observe the beauty around you, in the sunrise and sunset, in the colors of birds’ feathers. Appreciate the stunning flowers. Remind yourself of how valuable you are and how your mind is your most valuable asset. To unlock the full potential of your mind, practice gratitude and set goals.

Gratitude is defined as a positive state of being. “A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for someone or something and a social emotion that signals our recognition for that around us.” A goal is defined as “the end toward effort is directed.” 

Smart goals are important to focus on a specific area that needs improvement. It is essential that the goal is quantifiable, realistic, and has a completion date. Without taking action, it is unlikely that the goal will be achieved. It is also essential to believe in oneself and be grateful for what is trying to be accomplished. Recognizing competence and confidence will help to achieve any goal.

As we’ve entered the new year, many people set goals. But setting goals is not enough; we must also take action and execute our plans to achieve them. Stop waiting for the right time to set goals; the time is now. One way to do this is by writing our goals down. Putting pen to paper has a powerful impact on our ability to achieve our goals. By writing down goals, you are being intentional and forming an agreement with yourself which will help you realize how to focus on yourself. 

Not only that, but it’s also important to share our goals with others. When we share our goals, we hold ourselves accountable and allow others to help us reach them and celebrate with us once we achieve them.

It’s important to remember that setting goals is only the first step. It’s the execution and the follow-through that will bring us closer to achieving them. Once you’ve written down your goals, share them with your friends and post them on social media. This will not only hold you accountable but also give you the support and encouragement you need to reach them

The power of being intentional with your goal setting, with David Spisak 

Everyone has goals, but many will not achieve them. A common mistake is doing things for others rather than ourselves, so it is imperative to understand how to focus on yourself. Life moves us in different directions, and sometimes, you can end up stuck. The power of goal setting is the difference between being stuck living in the past and moving forward. Goals allow you to move forward in life. A dream is a gift given to us by our creator. It is good to dream big, but they will only ever be dreams if you don’t set a deadline. Commit yourself to not only dreaming but also setting goals and writing them down.

How to focus on yourself by setting goals and writing them down.

  1. Goals create accountability.
  2. Creates direction.
  3. Create focus.
  4. Has the power to inspire and motivate.

8 approaches to goal setting

  1. Be Very Specific: Being specific is very important in setting achievable goals. When you are clear with your goals, it helps to filter out what is most valuable.
  2. Be Certain That They Are Measurable: Research has shown that 100% of those who measure always achieve more. Anything that is measured will be improved. When setting your goals, ensure they can be tracked and improved on. 
  3. Make Sure They Are Attainable: “When you think you are done, you’re only 40% into what your body’s capable of doing. That’s just the limits that we put on ourselves.” 

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