How To Find Certainty in Uncertain Times

Finding certainty in uncertain times can be an uphill task. Often, when people are too frustrated and not sure what to do, they do nothing. That’s what we call uncertainty.

Finding hope in adversities

Currently, we are in a place where a lot of people are in that state. But if you learn how to balance three specific things, not only will you have a great life, but you’ll also have certainty in your life. Once you learn how to balance these three things, you are going to appear more confident, be able to help more people, and sell more. Here are three aspects you need to take care of, despite uncertainty looming large:

  1. Physical health. Always make sure you do something to keep your body in motion. If you don’t take care of your health, where are you going to live? Once you lose your health, nothing but getting it back is important. 
  2. Mental health. There’s a book called Limitless by Jim Kwik that gives practical advice on expanding our mental capacity. For example, are you aware of which hand you are using when you are brushing your teeth? Paying attention to your environment and habits opens up pathways you weren’t aware of. Do you know what your superfoods are? Knowing that is important because everything that happens in our gut affects our memory. They call the gut the second brain because if it’s not working well, this affects your cognitive abilities. 
  3. Spiritual. Spirituality is about being connected to yourself and to God. One way to work on this is through meditation and breathwork. 

If you want to help others, you have to help yourself first. If you take care of these three things, you’ll have certainty, be more confident, and be more capable of helping others.

Takeaway: certainty in uncertain times

Achieving certainty and balance in your life can enable you to help more people, and pave your way toward success with ease. When you are naturally confident, people have more confidence in you and your abilities.

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