One Day or Day One? Deciding on a Better Way to Live

“One day or day one. You decide.”  Looking back at 2022, you’ll realize that so many things you did were necessary to get you to where you are today. Chances are, most of these things weren’t perfect, but each was necessary. The fear of failing is one of the top things that keep you from reaching new heights. It makes you put off changes to “one day.” But here’s the thing: the people who move forward and evolve are the ones who choose day one, not one day. Because when you delay something to “one day,” it never happens. 

How to decide on a better way to live

The first scroll in The Greatest Salesman In the World opens with the phrase: “Today I begin a new life.” And that’s what New Year’s Eve is all about: beginning a new life. Today is a keyword. To start a new life, we’ll have to choose today to be day one. How do we lean into that concept?

It starts with reflection. Ask yourself, what did I accomplish in 2022? What goals have I yet to achieve this year? Be honest with yourself. You can either choose to put your goals off for one day or to start doing the work now. Either way, you have to decide. You gotta change “one day” to “day one” to make it happen. So start with what you accomplished in 2022 and what you haven’t. What do you have to change to achieve your goals this year?

Forget about the mantra “new year, new me.” What you’ll get in 2023 is not a new you but more of you. And that’s wonderful because you are a marvelous thing! You are a child of the creator of the universe. That creator equipped you with everything you need to succeed on this planet. Everything that you desire for 2023 and beyond already exists in you. It’s time to shine the light!

Conclusion: Deciding on a better way to live.

One day or day one? It is your decision. You can’t move forward if you don’t take the time to look back and reflect on the past. Through reflection, the newly evolved version of you can take you places you’ve never gone before. Nothing changes in your life except you make it happen, and there is no better to start making that decision than now.

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