How to Build a Body of Work: Focus on Your Goals

Creating a body of work plays a crucial role in achieving goals and building a legacy. Your body of work contributes to building your personal brand or professional identity. It allows you to define your unique style, approach, or perspective in your chosen field, as you continue to focus on your goals.

I’ve said several times that I want to outlast every player I played with. Granted, some of them might have had undeniably more talent. Some may even have played better one particular season or had more spectators thinking they were the best. I just said to myself that if I can’t win any of those battles, I’m going to win this war by lasting longer than everyone else. I always took the same idea into my business and everything I’ve ever done for achieving goals embodies this principle. I’m here to showcase my body of work and let it speak for me.

Your body of work speaks volumes about YOU.

Today we’ll discuss the mental game behind building a body of work. How does it help you in building a legacy? By creating a body of work in a particular field or discipline, you establish yourself as an expert or knowledgeable practitioner. It showcases your skills, knowledge, and experience, which can help you gain credibility and recognition among peers, employers, clients, or the general audience.

1. Decide what your legacy is going to look like.

As you set out to focus on your goals, ask yourself, “What are people going to know me for?” Remember that this doesn’t mean that you’ll always be at the same company or that you’ll even be in the same industry. Look at me—I went from basketball to thought leadership; from YouTube to podcasts to books and still podcasts. The defining principles that are the underlying foundation of what you do — what are they for you? This will make the process of achieving goals and constructing your body of work easier for you.

2. Be consistent.

Know that building a body of work takes time. Although seemingly simple, this advice is terribly difficult for many people. If you want to be known for something, you have to stick around for long enough that people notice it. This enables them to expect more from you and develop faith in your work.

3. Be in the field doing your thing.

Whatever you want to be known for, you can’t build a body of work hiding behind a computer screen or camera lens. Be out there dealing with humans, helping them, answering questions, and learning what the people need so you can better help them with your work. Visualize your business and work on achieving goals and building a legacy each day.

Takeaway: Your body of work is your legacy.

Remember, your body of work can have a lasting impact beyond your immediate career. It can serve as a record of your ideas, contributions, and accomplishments that can inspire and influence others.

It may become a source of inspiration or reference for future generations, leaving a legacy that extends beyond your own lifetime.

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