How to Be Successful in Business

Critical Steps High-Level Leaders Take Every Day

The answer to how to be successful in business lies with the moves you take every day. We can view our success as a sandwich. Looking at the different parts of our “success” sandwich makes our systems easier to follow. 

Let’s start with the top bun. Think about what success will look like in 2023. This is what makes up your top bun. 

The meat is the systems and strategies you are doing or will do to achieve your “bun” of success. When you get to the core, you can blow apart, overcome or improve the things that aren’t working for you. 

Finally, you have the bottom bun in which you see what resources are available to make it all come together.

Surveys are critical when planning for success.

Before you can plan for success, you need to know where you stand currently. An effective way of evaluating your position is to take surveys. Survey the staff on what is working and what isn’t. Survey your clients on what they need and where they may need support. What they say will ultimately answer the question of how to be successful in business.

Steps for Success: M.O.V.E.S.

The steps for success can be seen in the acronym MOVES. Our most significant growth happens by making the necessary moves to achieve success. 

  • M: Make decisions with profound intention: Be selective in what you are reading and watching. Choose the right people to surround yourself with.
  • O: Observe success stories. Watch the people that are making the steps you need to make. Follow them.
  • V: Value higher-level thinking. Study, understand, and then use the information you receive before you pass it along. 
  • E: Engage high-level thinkers in real time. Attend events they are having. You can also engage their posts and articles they may have shared.
  • S: Surprise yourself in action. All roads lead somewhere. Find those people that you can form collaborations with.

Plan for success. Achieve success. 

Once we commit to making the moves necessary, we will have all the ingredients we need for success. What is success for you? The answer to this will determine your next actions. It is up to us to ask for what we need. We must learn from others who have already achieved what we are trying to accomplish to reach our goals. 

The Takeaways: How to be successful in business:

When planning how to be successful in business, you must ask questions that will improve your performance. Follow the people that are having the successes you are looking to achieve. Share the information you have learned. You may surprise yourself with the actions you take.

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