How to Be Kind: 5 Things We Have All Forgotten How to Do

In this fast-paced age, we often lose sight of how to be kind to others around us. How many times have you taken the time to tell someone something nice today? Oftentimes, we plan out every single detail of our day, but forget to channel the power of kindness for others and ourselves for some reason. 

The power of kindness is profound

Someone once said, “For too long, we have sailed the seas of hate, misogyny, and materialism away from the beaches of passion, love, and creativity.” It’s sad that we are still sailing in that direction.

Being kind doesn’t just help others; it helps us benefit from the “helper’s high,” or the familiar gush of positive emotions when we do something good for others. How to be kind to others so that we can boost their happiness levels and create a lasting impact?

Glenn shares a short but amazing story about his daughter, Willow, and their trip to watch Hamilton, an acclaimed musical. Willow loves the show so much that she knew all the songs and the lyrics, so the trip was epic. On getting to their seats, Willow touched the woman in front of them and said, “I love your dress,” and the woman’s heart visibly melted.

She did this with a few others, and Willow immediately became the star of the trip. It was amazing to see the power of kindness in action: a simple compliment could change the mood of those around you.

How to be kind: Five ways to be kind that we have forgotten

Oftentimes, a wholehearted compliment can make someone’s day. Here are five practices we can implement to channel the power of kindness:

  1. Being self-aware 

How aware are you of yourself and your capability to change the aura of a space? We tend to follow the energy of the room blindly, but being self-aware teaches us that it’s okay to be different and own our uniqueness. You hold the power to transform a hostile environment into a more loving, collaborative one. All you need is to be aware of this power.

  1. Being kind and complimenting others

You can be kind, but how often do you make that choice? Reflect on how kind you are on a scale of 1 to 10. Better yet, ask yourself if people around you say that you are kind. Are you friendly, generous, and considerate toward others? If you are kind, complimenting sincerely will come naturally. It will not feel like a chore, but something that comes naturally to you.

  1. Practicing cautious optimism

Avoid being optimistic at the expense of problems, danger, or discomfort for your loved ones. Yes, be confident and hopeful that things will go as you want. However, it’s good to avoid the trap of cockeyed or blind optimism.

  1. Being authentic and honest

Be authentic to attract the right people into your life. We have to stop lying to others. But most importantly, we must stop lying to ourselves. The world would be better if there were fewer fake people walking around.

  1. Exuding confidence to make the world a better place.

Just because the majority is overwhelmed with materialism and hatred does not mean you have to do the same. Don’t be afraid to be the only light in a room that’ll say, “Hey, you have a beautiful smile,” or to be the only one to drop a coin in the basket for the homeless person. Don’t be scared to make a change

Takeaway: How to be kind

Compliment others earnestly. A genuine compliment can affect someone’s life positively. The power of kindness is so profound that it can boost your mood, ability to function, self-healing speed, confidence, and so much more.

Make an impact in any way possible. No matter how small, every act of kindness creates a positive impact. Remember, we’re all alike despite our differences. It is easy to stigmatize based on differences, but we have so much in common when you think about it.

Your actions directly or indirectly influence the younger generation. Set a better example by showing them how to be kind. Stop sailing the seas of hate and materialism. Choose love, passion, and creativity to create a meaningful impact for yourself and the world.

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