Hey You, You’re Finally Awake: How to Awaken Your Superpower with PIGG!

Hey you, you’re finally awake! Funny title… It might get you wondering what PIGG means, right? Before getting into it, think about this: Imagine if 10,000 people woke up with a goal already set and the passion for accomplishing that goal – with a plan in place, lacking nothing needed. Think about how the world would be better. Now, imagine if these 10,000 people inspired the awaking of another person. Think about how explosive the results would be for the world. What if that 10,000 begins with you and the people you inspire are those closest to you? It all starts when you activate passion. If you want to know how to awaken your superpower, it starts with diving into your passion.

So what is PIGG and what does it mean?

PIGG is an acronym and the surname of an author, Martin PIGG. He wrote a book titled: The PIGG Principle, which explains the meaning of the four-letter acronym and how it is The Path To Your Purpose In A World Of Mediocrity. 

PIGG stands for Passion, Intention, Gratitude, and Grace

  • Activate passion: This is your drive. It is the one thing that can keep you up all night and wake you up early in the morning. It is what resonates with you on a high level. Your passion does not have to be one thing – it could be many things but identify what they are.
  • Intention: This is energy attached to what you want to do. It is the level of attention and connection that you place into a subject – in this case, your passion. 
  • Gratitude is acknowledgment and appreciation for the journey and the blessings within.
  • Grace is when you move through the world with love for yourself and others around you, tasking yourself with the responsibility to help others find their purpose. 

Your awakening leads to PIGG.

Hey you, you’re finally awake. Now, find your purpose and chase it with absolute intention, being grateful for the journey and the blessing as you walk in grace to help others out of love for yourself and the world. To find your purpose, dive into your passion. What lights a fire within you? The answer to how to awaken your superpower lies within you. You just have to be able to hear it.

4 things you have to do when you Activate passion.

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Chase it with the intention
  3. Be grateful for the journey and the blessings
  4. Help others through the same steps. 

Be the first 10,000. Activate passion in the world.

Do you want to stop hitting snooze? Find your purpose. If you want to find your purpose – find your passion. Stop looking for your purpose. Look for what resonates with you at a big point in your life. Even if you don’t know your purpose, it is okay as long as you work for something better. Your passion can either move you to your purpose or become your purpose.

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