How To Manage Stressful Situations And Achieve Your Goals

When overwhelmed with stress, it can seem impossible to achieve your goals. Adversity often creates fear, and fear creates stress goals. So as you set goals for 2023, think, are your goals coming from a place of love or fear? When you live in a state of stress, you create stress goals. How can you prevent that in your life? 

Start by looking at what worked well and what didn’t work well in 2022. 

Use those 4 principles to avoid setting goals in a state of stress:

  1. Your desire has to be based on truth. It has to be aligned with your inner self.
  2. Your desire has to be in love. It has to be in alignment with your values. 
  3. Your desire has to be in harmony with your ultimate goal. 
  4. Your desire has to be set in the future.

Using the goal audit.

Once you go through the goal audit, the next step is to reprogram some of your subconscious beliefs. First, take some time to connect with yourself. Breathe in and ask your body what aspects of your life aren’t in alignment with who you truly are. Your body always knows what aspects of your life serve your purpose and which don’t. You just need to take the time to ask. 

Use these reprogramming statements to set goals that align with who you are.

  • “I desire and pray to give up insignificance, judgment, and low self-worth to have significance, non-judgment, and true self-worth.”
  • “I desire and pray to believe, think, and act in love, not in fear.”
  • “I desire and pray to give up falsehood and rejection, so I can have security, safety, and acceptance.”

Achieving your goals and reducing your stress.

Imagine that in 2023, you walk without fear and internal struggle but with an inner sense of peace, security, and love. What would that look like? You will walk with more courage as you achieve your goals (ones not set in stress). We become more courageous when we operate from a state of love. You’ll also be more creative. Because when we act with love, we also step into a higher state of creativity. 

We all have a yearning desire to create. If you ever have doubts, remember that the creator of the universe has made you unique, so you can be a voice of hope to yourself and others. What if you have a powerful identity that you still need to tap into? When you live in alignment with yourself, that opens a whole new world of possibilities. Every day is a day to achieve your goals and begin walking your new path.

The takeaways: Setting goals without stress to achieve your goals.

A stress goal is a goal driven by subconscious fear. If your heart isn’t into a goal you’ve set for yourself, it is a worthless, stressful goal that keeps you from realizing your full potential. We need to set goals out of a place of love, not a place of struggle. You are not in a state of love if you are not in a state of gratitude. Start paying attention to your gifts and accept that they are different from other people’s gifts. 

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