Achieve Greatness: How To Effectively Run And Grow A Small Business

Your business is just a few simple strategies away from greatness. The trick is the use your purpose to be inspired. You don’t have to lose time with your family or your favorite activities to achieve greatness. Changing the face of small businesses can be difficult because there is no school to learn from. People often chase their passion, which makes them a little money but then puts them on the hamster wheel, causing them to lose time. They lose time with family and doing the things they love.

Greatness starts with the foundation. 

Build a structure for your business to scale, grow and make things happen. Create a change that will give you a balance between your business and your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter where you are. There is always room for growth. Ultimately you want to have a business around your lifestyle and not a lifestyle around your business.

Create the plan.

We wake up and constantly have ideas going through our heads. Capture them, whether you have to write them down or email them to yourself. Prioritize what ideas need your attention and take action. You can only achieve greatness by taking action. 

You will understand where you are headed through meditation, prayer, and gratitude. Implement your plan immediately after you become clear about where you are going.

The path to greatness is through serving others.

Initially, when you start implementing, you have your head down and are grinding. You are so tuned in that you forget the world around you. You aren’t out in the world getting known. Although you may be making money, which is good, but the second half is about your purpose and legacy

Greatness comes when you pick your head up and start leading with your purpose. You will eventually be seen and known when you put yourself in spaces to serve others. There is no greater reward than when someone calls you and tells you how you have impacted their life.   

Protect your time.

Time is a precious commodity. When you give people back their time, there is nothing more important. You aren’t the only one that has sacrificed. Your family and relationships have sacrificed as well. Remember that you may be inspired to do the work, but they may not be. Keep your life in balance by protecting your time and your relationships. 

Be selective in the events you are attending. Have an understanding of your needs versus your wants. Figure out how you can use technology to leverage your time and scale your business. 

Build an atmosphere of innovation.

Create a winning culture that employees and customers will appreciate. Experience is everything, so focus on your customers. The company is only successful when there is money coming in.

Be inspired by failure.

People may see all the success but don’t know the failure. You can learn more from failing than from winning. Too often, we are caught in the façade of what we want people to see and their perception of us. We are too scared to be seen as a failure. Greatness is not void of failure but rather is built upon failure.

Push through the facade and be vulnerable, not about what you want people to see but who you are. Be consistent and show up. If you fail, try again but continue to consistently show up. 

“If you don’t have butterflies before you take action, then you don’t care enough.”

Achieving greatness takes time.

Do you ever reach a point where you were terrified but did it anyway? If you don’t fear, you are not taking a significant enough risk. Push through the failure, do it scared, and you will achieve greatness. Every level has another level. Keep trying to reach the higher levels. The only way to learn small business is through trial and error. 

Structure your business in a way that allows you to scale and grow. Time is a precious commodity so use it wisely and efficiently. Always be your true self. Know your purpose and build your legacy. Start today right now. Block out the fear and start. Whatever it is, stop procrastinating and overthinking it, and just start.

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