How to achieve goals: 5 Ways to Develop a Go-Getter Attitude

You need a go-getter attitude to know how to achieve your goals and create a lasting impact. Doing the things you know you need to do but aren’t doing can lead to regret. Go-getters realize the power of making effective decisions. They realize that a decision can change one’s entire life by changing the trajectory.  

Developing a go-getter attitude: 5 ways to make effective decisions

Here’s a list of 5 traits that go-getters inherently exhibit when working toward achieving their goals: 

  1. Avoid inaction

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” -Lucille Ball. One single decision can be the best decision you will ever make. Taking that leap of faith can transform everything, from your family to your business to your finances.

  1. Refuse to let setbacks define you

Every so often, we have that one challenge or setback that can throw off our whole routine. We are habitual creatures, and a slight diversion can shift our day. Make changes to get back on track so that your entire day runs smoothly. We may have a laundry list of mistakes, trials, and errors, but when we decide not to let anything stop us, the only thing we can lose is regret. 

  1. Choose action over uncertainty

We all have ideas but still need motivation. Everyone isn’t designed to do scary and uncomfortable things, and our minds are designed to stop us from doing something that will hurt us. Hesitation sends a message to the brain to protect us. Taking fast action can prevent us from staying in a state of uncertainty.

  1. Avoid self-doubt and make decisions from a place of faith

You are only one decision away from changing everything. When we are overwhelmed, we often shut down. Go-getters act in quiet resolution, and resist self-doubt in the face of a setback

  1. Choose to collaborate, not isolate

Don’t isolate yourself as you strive for success in business and in life. Get out there and get out of your head. Build an efficient team. Hire the right people to help you achieve the outcomes you desire and reach out to others in support.

Rely on your inner wisdom to unlock your go-getter attitude

We must learn to listen to our inner wisdom. Stop running on autopilot: work toward being a go-getter and decision-maker, not a quitter. 

When facing uncertainty, choose to outsmart your brain by directing yourself in ways vital to you. Interrupt your destructive habit loops to reawaken your brain. Disrupting unproductive habits can enable you to shift gears and take action to set yourself up for success. 

Learn to trust yourself. Use the “five-second decision” method to push yourself out of self-doubt mode. Consider your options, then make a decision quickly as you count backwards from 5 to 1, and go on to act on the decision you made.

Takeaway: Developing a can do mentality

Do the things you know you need to do by trusting yourself. You have earned the right to do that. Look at where you were and where you are now. Believe in yourself, take action without hesitation, and all you stand to lose is regret.


  • One decision can change your entire life.
  • Take action on your ideas. This is how you achieve your goals.
  • When you get distracted, find ways to get back on track.
  • Believe in yourself so you have no regrets.
  • When you focus on action, you lose the distraction.

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