How To Achieve Financial Freedom in 2023: 4 Lessons From Rich People

Achieving financial freedom in 2023 or any other year is a complex and personal process, and there is no single formula for success, but we can always emulate lessons from rich people in order to improve our financial standing. People set new year’s resolutions, but the majority start giving up on their goals within the first few weeks. Ever wonder why? They didn’t map out a plan of action and didn’t develop the discipline needed to achieve the goal. 

4 things wealthy people do to achieve financial freedom

You need to have a roadmap in order to keep pushing forward towards achieving financial freedom. Then, you need to ensure that you keep evolving. You can’t keep doing the same things you did last year and expect different results this year. However, here are four lessons that you may consider from rich people that could help you on your journey to financial freedom:

  1. Own your truth. Be honest with yourself when it comes to where you are right now. The truth is, you can’t achieve financial freedom without knowing what your starting point is. 
  2. Set clear goals. Why do you want to be financially free? You need deep, clear reasons why you want to achieve financial freedom. 
  3. Surround yourself with solution-oriented people. “If you are stuck inside the bottle, you can’t always read the label.” When times get tough, the people around you will help you get perspective. 
  4. Figure out what success looks like for you and visualize it. Ask yourself, “Am I prepared to make the sacrifices required to achieve my vision?” Then work toward adopting a success mindset.

Rich people understand that financial freedom is about buying time, not wasting it. If you’re wondering how to achieve financial freedom, you’ll be driven by net-worth rather than wealth-driven. Will your current mindset get you beyond your vision? You owe it to yourself to continue evolving into the best version of yourself.

Wealthy people habits to cultivate in 2023

So many people sell themselves short, because they aren’t showing up for themselves the same way they do for others. One of the prominent rich people habits is that they believe in their strengths and uniqueness. Make sure that you are showing up for yourself first. If you show up every single day to take action toward becoming the financially free version of yourself, soon you’ll become one. Our abilities become limitless the moment we start to believe in ourselves. 


  • One of the things rich people do is invest their time instead of spending it. 
  • Rich people often strive to improve their wealth rather than their net worth.
  • There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy. When you are rich, you aren’t in control of your choices, while a wealthy person is fully in control of their time and resources. 
  • You can be in the passenger seat and let others determine your speed and direction, or you can be in the driver seat and take control of where you are going. It’s up to you.

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