How a Goal Setting Vision Board Can Help You Reach Your Goals

A goal setting vision board can help you finally reach those goals that seem out of reach. We often wait until it’s too late to start working toward our goals in life, but a goal setting vision board can help us be proactive and reach goals even during hard times.

We have to be intentional with our time. Dive into your gifts, and open yourself to possibilities. Before you can even design your vision board, the first step is to agree to give yourself 34 minutes a day to work toward your goals.

How to take time for yourself with 34 minutes a day. 

  • 2 minutes of intentions, goal setting, and planning
  • 30 minutes of movement
  • 2 minutes of reflection, appreciation, and goal setting for the next day 

Creating a goal setting vision board

In the beginning, people often don’t know where to start. Vision boards can help with this. Your life is a wheel, and you have different segments to focus on that wheel. 

  • Mental health 
  • physical health
  • leisure
  • hydration
  • sleep
  • finances
  • Passion
  • quality of life 

Once you see yourself on the board, you can determine your goals in each segment. Take time to write it out. Journal about your passions, feelings, and dreams, then use this to build your goal setting vision board. You can have big dreams and huge goals, but don’t only focus on those. It’s overwhelming and unachievable. 

Using your board to reach your goals

Use your goal setting vision board to create manageable first steps. Time block your schedule to help yourself achieve your goals. As you complete your small steps, you build confidence to keep pushing toward the end goals. 

Life happens, and it gets thrown at you out of nowhere. We go through life like a feather blowing in the wind and having to react to life. But by being proactive, we can take control of our life and make moves to make it happen to reach our goals. Don’t wait for life to happen to you. Make life happen for you. Just because you are proactive doesn’t stop you from having to experience life’s hard times, but you will be prepared for life when it happens. 

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