(3 Jan 2023 – Ramon Ray)

Introduction and Thank You

Thank you. Thanks for being one of 60+ expert hosts on Breakfast with Champions (BWC) live on Clubhouse.

Ramon’s Role

As you may know, Glenn Lundy has asked me to lead the future growth of BWC. Today we are no longer only a live experience on Clubhouse, but we are also comprised of:

Ramon is leading BWC and works with a team of amazing humans to move these programs forward, for the benefit of our community.

Programming Team

Programming team includes:

Host Programming

  1. All hosts must share motivation, education and inspiration, through a lens of positivity. No politics, no divisiveness.
  2. All hosts must hold a standard of excellence and honor in their personal lives. This is subjective and not easy to measure, but we’ll do our best.
  3. The topics many of our hosts cover, include mindset, healthy living, business, finance and wealth building, sales and marketing and other topics. for personal well-being and business growth.
  4. Glenn Lundy, the founder of Breakfast with Champions, believes that we are all created by God to live our best lives and to make an impact in the world. Many of our hosts have a like-heartedness toward this worldview.
  5. BWC is a media company that provides engaging and informative content to our audience. It’s important that ALL hosts, ensure each of their segments are ENGAGING and INFORMATIVE.

Promoting Your Own Products and Services

  1. Hosts are encouraged to gently promote your own programs.
  2. You are encouraged to share about your paid challenges, coaching services, events and etc.
  3. As a “rule of them”, don’t self-promote, more than about 10% of your session. The more VALUE you add the more people will want to work with you.
  4. If your session is 30 minutes, consider doing a quick promotion at the beginning of your segment and a succinct promotion towards the end of your segment, after you’ve provided so much value!

Hosts Scheduling

  1. Hosts should have segments of 30 minutes. We reserve the right to make exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis. Some hosts have longer segments. These hosts have had longer segments for some time and have been “grandfathered” into a longer segment. We reserve the right to change this, or any other host programming.
  2. Longer segments are an option, in future programming. In particular for hosts who bring a “panel” of multiple hosts to their segment or have interview styles shows.
  3. Hosts schedule is subject to change and review.

Successful Show Segment Elements

How To Become a BWC Host or Make Changes

In Conclusion

BWC is a media company seeking to serve and build a highly engaged audience. The thrust of the success of BWC is having hosts who serve the audience in an engaging and highly informative manner. We want to BUILD the BWC audience and impact as many lives as we can.

Show Traits That Don’t Work

Thank You

THANK YOU for being a HOST. Thank you for sharing your life experience and insights with the BWC community. Thank you for sharing motivation, education and inspiration to make this work a positively better place.