Hiring the Right People: The Importance Of Building A Tribe Based On Core Values

The first step to hiring the right people for your business is understanding your core values: beliefs, habits, and daily actions. 

  • What are the core values of the business?
  • What is the belief system of the organization?
  • What are the daily actions and habits to propel the tribe forward?

Why are core values important?

Hiring the right people is all about building your tribe. A tribe is a group of people aligning with the same strength to achieve the same goal. The success of every business depends on the success of the tribe operating the business. Your success is based on your core values which are your beliefs, habits, and daily actions. 

Why are core values important? They determine what your business dictates as “important” and therefore determines the type of culture your business has. An example of a key principle is speed. Speed is a core principle, build a tribe that gets things done fast and well. Teach, expect and reward speed within your business.

Hiring the right people as you grow.

When you think about growing, what core principles do you want to operate on? The answer to that question should drive who and how you hire. The desire to set core values should come from within, manifesting into reality. Then you begin hiring the right people. Stay consistent with the primary purpose of making a hire. We hire people to take loads of our hands, meet deadlines and make more money. A predictive index test can help you hire the right people that fit in your tribe. No matter how good people may seem on paper, always ensure they are put through the screening test to save you future headaches.

Carefully articulate and pinpoint the change you want to see in your organization. Do not assume everyone knows what to do because you can get frustrated by simply not saying your business goals out loud.

The Takeaway

Make building a tribe your top priority. It’s more monumental to build a tribe with the same core value as you. Weed out people who don’t have the same values and daily habits. Operating with fear in your tribe will only set you and your tribe up for failure. Carefully articulate the goals and objectives of your tribe.

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