Have Faith in God’s Plan for You

For some, it can be hard to have faith in God outside of church. But, every day is a good day when you’re working with the Lord. Remember that you have a perfect piece of God that walks with you throughout the day. It protects you and ensures that everything works together for you. 

Have faith in God’s pace for you.

You need to set your pace with God and not with the world. Focus on Him alone and not what the world is doing. God’s plan for us is different from the plan we make for ourselves. Surrender to God’s plan for your life. If you don’t surrender, then you might encounter deceit and burnout. Surrendering to God will help you detach yourself from worldly accolades. It will help you focus on what is good for you and your life. 

Know who you are.

It is essential to understand your identity to create lasting change in your life. Your identity is the core of your power – it is what you protect and nurture. Focusing on your identity can make a positive change in your life.

Power is often seen as an opposing force, but it does not have to be. Power can be harnessed for good to create safety and security for yourself and others. But to do this, you must first be connected to your power source. This connection comes from understanding who you are and the divine guidance through your gifts.

Focus on the foundation.

Words carry weight- understanding your being comes before brand and business. Identity is first. You can only brand a person or a company once you know who the business and person is and their purpose.

You need to focus on something other than building numbers. Focus on building the business first. The foundation of the business is what matters. Have faith in God’s plan and bring your vision to life from the foundation up. The success of the structure you build for your business will lead to the financial success you desire. 

Success should be measured in sustenance, not dollars.

Success is in sustenance and not seen as a dollar sign. If you focus on sustenance or taking control of your success, God will give you success. God created you to be successful, but you must equip yourself before receiving it. You need to build your mental and spiritual health first. This will prepare you for all God wants to do in your life.

When it comes to money, it’s essential to be in control. That means knowing who you are and what you want. Once you have that figured out, the money will come to you. The world is attracted to those confident in themselves and their abilities. So, if you want to attract money, you have to be established in your identity. Only then will you be able to multiply your wealth and bring others into your orbit.

Save some of your passions for yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to monetize all your passions. If you have multiple passions, you can choose to monetize some and keep the rest to yourself. Have faith in God to help you see what should be saved for YOU and what to monetize. 

We are all meant to serve. 

Discover how you can serve others. This is what Thanksgiving is about. Serving others is the best way to serve yourself. When you help others, the things in your life will slowly fall into place. Everyone has something to give the world. You have a unique gift that the world needs to receive. Through your faith in God, you will find your gift.


  • Before focusing on business or branding you have to know who you are. 
  • Your internal self is more than just what you want. You have to know what your gifts are and root yourself in faith. 
  • Success comes and goes, but sustenance comes from being rooted in the divine drive.

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