Scared Money Doesn’t Make Money: How a Business Coach Will Move You Forward

Whether just starting your business journey or trying to scale up your business, hiring a business coach is critical. Everyone in the BWC community has some form of a growth mindset. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be investing your time in the room, listening to the podcast, or reading the newsletter. We all have dreams, and we all have an idea of where we want to take our lives, whether personal or business or both. But a lot of the time, there can be a gap between what we believe we are capable of and our reality. This is where a personal coach comes in.

Investing in yourself has the best returns.

People always want to know what the “secret sauce” is to find success. The answer? There is no “secret sauce”; however, investing in yourself is the biggest key to growth and success. 

Investing in yourself has the best returns on investments. Whether learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your creativity, or hiring a personal coach or a business coach, investing in yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially will allow you to become the best version of yourself. 

And it’s not just about buying more books that sit on your shelf that you don’t read. It’s about dropping some cash that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can’t grow in your comfort zone; you must be willing to get uncomfortable. 

3 things are needed for the next level:

  • Next level conversation
  • Next level community
  • Next level commitment

Hiring a business coach.

One of the best ways to invest in yourself is by hiring a business coach. Whether you are looking for a small business coach, an online business coach, or some other form of coaching, the investment is worth it. When you hire a coach, it’s a commitment to yourself. Countless research shows that the more someone pays for something, the more they value it. When you put money on the table, it calls you to action. The return on your coaching investment is determined by the investment you make and the effort you put into your own success. 

Business coaching and what it can do for you.

We aren’t meant to go through life or entrepreneurship alone. A good business coach provides support and accountability. Personal coaches often provides insight into areas of our life we need help to see clearly. And they hold us accountable to our goals. 

As business owners, we also need someone who can look at our business from a birdseye view and give us a different perspective because we often can’t see the truth. We need a coach for entrepreneurs willing to have hard conversations with us, to challenge us. We need someone who will be our cheerleader and see the greatness within us that we can’t see for ourselves. They’re a partner beside you to help you realize your potential and become who you want to be.

You are your most valuable asset. Instead of betting on others around you, bet on yourself. You are your greatest asset because you hold a value that still has much growing to do. Don’t let yourself hold you back; find the right coach to invest in and invest in yourself. You can find A personal coach or a small business coach for almost any area of your life or business. Not sure where to look? Online business coaches can be found easily with a google search, but don’t forget to check their references and make sure they will provide the insights you need. Most online business coaches will hold a few free sessions to make sure you are both a good fit. 

The Takeaways: How a personal coach takes you to the next level.

Distractions are the death of your dreams happening in slow motion. 3 things are needed for the next level:

  • Next level conversation
  • Next level community
  • Next level commitment

Learn how to value your voice. Scared money doesn’t make money. Think big times 10. Whatever you want in life, think bigger. A personal coach will get you there. 

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