From Setback to Comeback: Action Steps for Turning Your Challenges Into Success

No matter the success we’ve experienced, we all go through struggles and face a setback every once in a while. Sometimes it’s a result of what we did, and sometimes it is not a consequence of our actions. You are cruising through life, enjoying and having a good ride, and suddenly, it all falls flat to your face. If this happens, how can you come back?

Seven action steps to help you turn your setback into a comeback 

It’s not about how hard you get hit but how hard you bounce back. Every good choice that you make is progress.

Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

How we talk and see ourselves is instrumental to success. It is easy to dwell in frustration when things happen to you that you can’t explain. The first step towards that comeback is to shake off the narrative that maybe you are not enough and can’t do it. This limiting belief will hinder you from making that desire comeback. Release whatever is holding you hostage, and the end begins to fly again.

Talk it out to walk it out.

We can get trapped by what’s between our ears. Our minds are mighty and are transformed into weapons if we let them. Carrying around emotional baggage will prevent you from making that comeback. Talking it out with someone you can trust can help you begin your healing process and move past your setbacks. Discuss the problem with people and also proceed to talk about the solution.

Trade imperfection for progress.

Once you have some action steps, it’s important to remember that everything does not need to be perfect before you make the first step. Start right immediately and achieve perfection as you progress. Don’t find reasons why it won’t work but find a particular reason it will work and take actionable steps towards it. You don’t need to have every step figured out before you make the first step.   

Build upon your routine.

We are a product of our habits, don’t try to make rapid changes at once. Start by swapping a harmful practice with a positive one and progress daily. Building strong habits is a solid way to prevent any type of setback. A small step in the right direction is better than a big step that leads nowhere.

Bring others along with you on the journey.

You don’t have to go through it alone. You might want to have people who can help you level up and hold you accountable.

Ditch the devices

The sheer things that keep us connected can become a distraction if not used properly. There is a difference between being intentional about a thing and just using it for the sake of it. Become intentional about what you do with your devices and plan your time to avoid the influence of negativity. You have to unplug yourself sometimes to recharge.

Unapologetically you

Show up and become the best version of yourself. Being yourself in a world that constantly tries to make us something else is a great success. To overcome any kind of setback, you must find what works best for you.

Conclusion: Failing forward

No matter where you find yourself in life, you will experience setbacks. But you get to decide how you handle it. You can use your setback as fuel for something greater. If you want to have a comeback, you have to be willing to change. Stop waiting for the stars to align before you get things done–and it all starts with having a list of action steps and then taking that first step on the path of turning failure into a 5-star comeback.

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