Five Pillars of Success: If You Don’t Create, You Destroy.

There are five critical pillars of success that most of us forget about when things get tough. When we go through tough times, we have to remember that things will always work out if we stay calm and cheerful. It’s up to us whether we’ll be angry, restless, and bitter or calm and cheerful. It is a decision. When we take responsibility for a specific situation, we control it.

Don’t conform to society; stand out

Have you seen the video with the sheep walking around in a circle in China that went viral? If yes, did it remind you of anything? It reminded C-Roc of the way people sometimes walk in circles and conform. When you start walking in a circle, you become a spectator. We must move forward despite what other people say. We need to get our message out, and we need to be a bit wild and crazy.

Always chose to create 

Here’s the thing: if we’re not creating, we are destroying. We are all put on this planet to create, and we are created with unbelievable potential. So if we don’t create, our energy goes towards destroying. Some people will destroy other things and people, while others will destroy themselves. How often, when someone asks you how you are doing, you say, “Same old, same old.”? When someone asks you that question, say “phenomenal.” instead. This will expand your being in unimaginable ways. 

The blueprint for success

C-Roc invited Dr. Greg Pursley (Dr. G) to share a blueprint he has just created called “Fix Your Belief System.” When we think of success, the first thing that comes to mind is financial success. During the last decade, Dr. G observed successful people and noticed that it all boils down to five pillars of success: 

  • relationships
  • finances
  • career
  • faith
  • health 

The pillars of success

He found that there are two things you need to change your life: new information and new habits. Often the information we get is wrong, and our habits are incorrect. Changing this is an internal game. If you work on your happiness, success will follow. 

So Dr. G compressed his findings into a blueprint that gives you a step-by-step formula for becoming wealthy in the five major areas of your life. If you also have a framework in mind that you want to share with other people, you can create a blueprint for yourself.

The past is the past

One significant obstruction to the pillars of success is ourselves. We all get caught up in the past. But we also get caught up in the emotions attached to a specific past event. Events are just events. We are the ones who link certain emotions to these events. Some people attach negative emotions to money, career, or family. You have to dive deep to figure out what the event was and what emotion you attached to that event. You made the emotional connection; therefore, you have the power to undo it. 

If you really believe in what you believe, don’t ever apologize for it. Stand firm in your heart. That is also part of you not conforming. This way, you stand out. If you feel like you’ve been walking in a circle, make a decision today that you will step out. Remember that if you are not creating something new and exciting, you are instead using your creative energy as a tool for destruction. You must be going forward, and you must be going fast. 

Things to remember:

Fear is not what holds people back, but conformity. When we take responsibility for a specific situation, we control it. If you don’t create, you will destroy. The five pillars of success are relationships, finances, career, faith, and health. 
You can create your own step-by-step formula.

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