Finding Things to Be Grateful For This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving around the corner, people often wonder, What are some things to be grateful for this year? As life moves on, people get stuck in their bubbles and forget that everyone is “Life-ing,” meaning everyone is dealing with something. 

A story for Perspective

Barbara Majeski shares a story to help us all understand how to show a little grace this holiday season and remind us of the things to be grateful for. When Barbara’s oldest son came home for the holiday, her entire family went to the airport to pick him up. It was a beautiful moment. The family was together, and everyone was happy. Then the worst happened. A seizure struck her youngest son while they were in the car headed home. 

Suddenly they were pulling over, waving over police, and causing a massive traffic jam at the airport. At this moment, people were honking and obviously emotional about the circumstances; but that’s just it. They had no idea of the circumstances that caused the traffic jam. 

How to remember the things to be grateful for

This story is meant to remind you of the things to be grateful for this year. You will sit in traffic, the stores will be crazy, and there will be long lines. Find gratitude that you are sitting in traffic while on your way to see family. Be thankful that you are just sitting in traffic and not the cause of it. Be thankful you are not in an accident. And send out a prayer to those who are. 

You may not know the cause of the traffic, but be thankful you don’t. Be grateful that you are happy, healthy, and just sitting in your car, listening to music. 

What are things to be grateful for

Barbara shared that she is thankful even for the tragic outcome of her family’s trip to the airport. She is thankful she was with her son at that moment and that he was not alone or with strangers. She was grateful that he did not get injured. So, think of the things to be grateful for in your life. What is your battle or heartache, and what can you be thankful for regarding that hardship?

Intentional thoughts lead to what you are thankful for

Be intentional. It can be hard to control your thoughts and remember the positives when in crisis. This is the time to remember to do a mental health check. It is up to you to focus on all the wrong things in life or the positives. This year remember things to be grateful for. It can always be worse. Even when tragedy strikes, there are things to be grateful for. 

Your thoughts are so powerful. Your thoughts dictate how you present yourself. Control your thoughts, be intentional, find the positive, let go of the things you can’t control, and be thankful for what you have to be grateful for. There is always something to be thankful for in every situation. 

We are all battling things others don’t know about, so live in grace and remember that everyone is “life-ing” and dealing with their own battles. 

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