Finding the Balance in Giving and Receiving

Life is a continuous cycle of giving and receiving, inhalation and exhalation, ebb and flow, and death and rebirth. But so many of us are so focused on wanting to serve others that we neglect our own well-being. The truth is that over-giving and under-receiving may destroy your sense of self-worth.

When we give too much of our energy to others without allowing ourselves to receive energy back, we create a significant imbalance that can destroy our self-worth. If we are always giving to others and not receiving, ask yourself why? This is where the practice of mindfulness and meditation can be so powerful. It provides us with the space to be transparent and honest with ourselves when we come from a place of awareness and curiosity, not judgment. A place of understanding without trying to fix or change anything, but just noticing what is present for you right now, at this moment.

In the stillness, ask yourself these questions about giving and receiving.

  • Why do you not ensure that you get to receive as well? 
  • Are you attracting people who take from you to show you how uncomfortable you are with receiving? 
  • Does receiving make you feel needy, and does this neediness reinforce your feelings of unworthiness? 

It is said that we can only receive love from another as deeply as we love ourselves. This applies to our energy as well. We can only receive from others what we are willing to give ourselves. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you will develop a stronger sense of worth. You can stop hustling for your worth because you already are worthy. You are worthy of receiving, worthy of being supported. Your worth is not only dependent on what you can do for others; it’s already there.

Naikan Self-Reflection questions:

  • What have you given?
  • What have you received?
  • What are you grateful for at this moment? Notice what that gratitude feels like.

Things to remember about giving and receiving

Wherever you currently are is where you need to be. Allow yourself to celebrate the simple things and be present with your breath, feeling into the inhalation and exhalation. Notice the giving and receiving, and realize that it is a balance and we need both.

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