Find Your FLOW State: Get in the ZONE to Relax, Reset, and Let Go

Finding your flow state is the key to reset yourself when you are overwhelmed. The ZONE is where you go when you feel overwhelmed with life and confused about the next step. It is a place to tap into your inner person, your peace. Getting into the ZONE can help you think through problems, shield you from external occurrences, and enables you to gain clarity by focusing on your inner self. The ZONE benefits your mind by helping it get refreshed and ready to face the world.

Get in the ZONE by finding your flow state.

The ZONE can be reached by tapping into the F-L-O-W state.

1 Frequency

When stressed out and tired, you can close your eyes to the world. Breathe in and breathe out. It helps take you to a place of relaxation. Change your frequency so you can enter the ZONE and the flow state. Taking a deep inhale will cause your frequency to change the fastest. Accept the breath in and let it out.

2 Lose your thoughts

Imagine and visualize something different from the current situation. Let go of no longer necessary ideas and replay them in your head. Give your thoughts vivid images and colors. Put your imagination to use. Remember that your mind processes ALL of your senses, not just visual ones. It involves you being childlike and living freely.

3 Open the door to your infinite potential

This is like inviting your best self, shifting into your alter ego, and taking advantage of your best self.

4 Win 

It involves picturing yourself excelling even if you are not winning in real life, tapping into your cosmic zone, and imagining yourself winning. You aim to help you believe in the possibilities of your goals.

Using the flow state to achieve excellence

Whatever you are doing, ensure you are the best at it. You can influence your circle whether you are a librarian, garbage man, or doctor. What you do is as important as how you do it. Your aim should be to learn how to achieve the best version of whatever you do. A perfect way to accomplish this is through the flow state.

Flow state is not about not using your mind but getting out of the calculative mind to focus on the present. It is a mental state where one is wholly absorbed in a particular activity. Getting into the flow state requires you to avoid distractions and make the most of the moment. Different circumstances and dealing with them require you to be your best self to achieve ultimate results.

Here are some ways your work and career can benefit significantly from being in the ZONE and achieving a flow state.

There is clarity of thoughts

When in the flow state, your mind understands what to do and does it accurately without much effort. The flow state helps you gain needed clarity when there is a need for critical decision-making.

Health benefits

Worries and anxiety can be detrimental to your health status if not adequately checked and can impede your productivity. Being in the flow state can effectively curb this excessiveness and help you achieve needed peace.

Helps you feel good

Happiness can be an effective motivator. A sense of good feeling is associated with being in the flow state; you tend to forget all your worries and savor the sweetness of the moments. This can help you optimize available time to achieve excellent results in whatever you do.

When you have a clear path to the flow state, it meets you halfway. Living life doesn’t have to come with complexities; there is a way out: living in the flow state. 

The takeaway: Getting into the ZONE to achieve your potential.

We all need a place of solace where we can retreat when things get tough; sometimes, we don’t trust others enough to serve that purpose. Getting into the ZONE helps you remove those trust issues as you only have yourself to deal with, enabling us to deal with stress and gain mental strength and clarity. Take some time to activate your flow state and see the possibilities the ZONE opens up for you. 

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