The Power of Small Habits: How Fasting For Prayer Answers Can Help You Make The Difference in 2023

Looking at the small things you do daily is as important as the big gestures. Why? Because it is the small habits that eventually make a huge difference in our lives. You develop the skills to improve your life by harnessing your small habits. The practice and discipline of fasting for prayer answers can help massively. 

Many people mistakenly believe that fasting is only giving up food. However, biblical fasting for prayer answers is a spiritual practice that strengthens your relationship with and access to God. Fasting is not meant to be a punishment. It is a disciplinary practice.

It is about finding the sweet spot in the middle where the right amount deployed strategically works best for you. So take the time to examine your life and regularly review the things you do. Would you benefit from getting a regular fast from some of them? Think of this as a recalibration. This is all about being the master of your own life and using your habits for your good instead of them using you.

The benefits of fasting and prayer

There are many references to fasting for prayers in the Bible: it is mentioned as a way to straighten prayer, express grief, and humble yourself, among others. But why should you consider fasting for blessings today?

There are countless benefits to fasting, especially when it comes to spiritual, physical, and mental health.

  1. The discipline of fasting for prayers will help you get closer to God, start making better decisions, and, ultimately, live a better life. Fasting while praying enables you to avoid distractions and consequently helps you develop a better connection with God.
  2. Fasting gets you to practice self-control, paying attention to your tendencies and reactions to discomfort. Most importantly, fasting enhances your ability to feel pain when no relief exists. Making a devotional out of prayer and fasting is all about developing self-control. Because if we can’t even control ourselves, what else can we possibly control? That is why prayer and fasting is a practices. It stretches from one aspect of your life to the rest. When you learn to control your eating, for example, you also develop the strength to control other facets of your life.
  3. Fasting decreases systemic inflammation and reduces cancer risk. Fasting has been proven to have immense health benefits, which include weight loss, better blood sugar regulation, less inflammation, and improved heart health.
  4. The practice of fasting teaches you to notice your reactions to discomfort and how to handle it better in the future.

Conclusion: Fasting for prayers can help you make the difference

The beginning of the year is the time to examine which things you do regularly no longer serve your purpose, and your daily habits determine the quality of your life.

Ultimately, the quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask yourself regularly. Asking yourself how to improve yourself to make a difference in 2023 is key to having an excellent year. Making a devotion out of fasting and prayer is a perfect way to achieve this difference and ultimately have a good life.

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