Expand Your Mind: The Life-changing Benefits of Reading as a Hobby

Most of us agree that reading as a hobby can be a great way to relax, learn new things, and escape into new worlds and perspectives. A lot of us can also list at least a few life-changing books to read. However, did you know that reading can also expand your mind and improve cognitive function and vocabulary?

There are countless studies that show us all kinds of benefits from the practice of reading every day. Reading helps you prioritize better and put away unproductive thoughts and patterns. For instance, you may find yourself playing fewer video games or whiling away time idly when in the midst of an epic reading session. 

Reading as a hobby can even make you more intentional and self-aware about what you wish to achieve in life, in addition to enriching your perspective on life. As leaders, we’re expected to always grow and scale in life and business, although what you grow into is up to you. Where you place your time, your talents, and your energy is always up to you. How you navigate life and make decisions in the face of a grave challenge is, once again, on you. This is another skill that life changing books to read can prepare you for. 

Expand your mind: laugh, learn, and lean in.

Reading expands your mind, and thus it’s ideal to make a list of books that change your life and share it with others around you. No one knows you until they’ve witnessed how you care for them when they need you, how you react in difficult times, and whether you pivot and reinvent yourself or lament about how life dealt you a bad hand endlessly. So before selecting your next poignant meme for your social media post, learn how to truly care for someone by getting to know them—not on your terms, but on their terms.

Here is a simple system to rewire your brain for success: laugh, learn, and lean in.

1 Read something funny.  

According to the Association of Psychological Science, laughing early helps you work better; humor allows for increased productivity. Set the tone for some epic reading: read something funny to start your day the right way.  Laughter engages your mind and  helps you find solutions to problems quicker.

2 Learn 

Reading as a hobby can also be something that will help you grow. This can be tricky, but try to learn something every day that has nothing to do with your current interest level. Read books like The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey. This is easily one of the books that change your life by helping you absorb, learn, grow, and contextualize. Read books on leadership, marketing, and branding to expand your mind and establish yourself as an expert. Even if you aren’t an expert now, become one by being intentional and studying the greats. 

3 Lean in

Some life-changing books to read exist in the personal development niche. When you’re balancing children, marriage, self-care, business, finances, and friends, it can be hard to manage it all. Reading books on personal development pours knowledge into you and helps you expand your mind. We don’t always need to experience every situation firsthand to understand what someone has experienced. Sometimes all we need is a dose of empathy—a sense of being seen and understood. 

Reading as a hobby: Ready yourself for an epic reading session

Some life changing books to read are:

  • Ask For Alexandra Carter
  • Celebrity CEO by Ramon Ray 
  • Listen, Learn, Love by Susie Miller 
  • My Bucket List Blueprint by Travis Belle
  • Relatable by Rachel D’alto
  • The Recipe by Amelia Antonetti 
  • Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers
  • Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World
  • The Holy Quran
  • The Torah
  • The Holy Bible

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