Evaluating Your Life for Success: Surround Yourself with Good People in Times of Uncertainty

To be successful and leave a legacy, evaluating your life in every area is essential, especially when it comes to where they are with money and time. To accomplish this, you must audit both and take the time to look at where you are spending your money, people you surround yourself with and how you are using your time. Itโ€™s important to diversify in these areas.

Evaluating your life for success: Audit your life

Misunderstanding occurs when we need help understanding what is working and what is not because we need to audit it. We win by having clarity. Knowing what you need to do more or less of that will bring you closer to your goal. 

Audit your money

Audit your money and see where you are spending it. Are you spending it on things that will elevate you, or are you wasting it on frivolous things you don’t need? How can you diversify? Make sure that when you are spending money, you keep your personal account separate from your business account. This way, you know how the money is allocated, making it easier to prepare tax information. 

Audit your time

Look at all you are spending time doing. Evaluating your time comes down to looking at where you are focused and where you are wasting it. Get real with yourself. When it comes to business, look at your numbers and how they may be affected. Who are you talking to, and how many people are you talking to? Is there a follow-up? These are the questions to ask when you want to evaluate where your time is going so you can figure out a more productive way to use your time.

Audit how you handle challenges

What do you feel is your challenge? Do you surround yourself with good people? Look at the real issues to change things. Shaky water needs stability. Figure out what you are doing that isn’t getting you closer to your goal. How am I speaking to myself? What am I listening to? Am I always acting from a place of uncertainty? To make changes, you need to know the answer to these questions. 

Audit your business

The money may look great, but you may need to diversify. Evaluating your client base is a good place to start. Ultimately you want your business to run on its own so you can run a business around your business and make the most money with the least effort. A market share of 2.3 million dollars spent on motivational speakers may be a way for you to make more money and takes less time. You are getting paid to speak, so focus on building a speaking business.

Audit yourself

If something is always holding you back, figure out what it is. You will only find it if you get honest with yourself. If all the areas of your life are not congruent, it will hold you back from achieving what you want. Have the vision and feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it. “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” How do you handle uncertainty? Decide to see your future life.

Audit your circle

The biggest thing is community so surround yourself with good people that want to see you win. They are the ones that will cheer you on, lift you and hold you accountable. Look for the people that inspire you and learn from them. Look for the people that are there for you in times of uncertainty and hold on to them.

Evaluating your life for success

Knowing and trusting yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. Whatever life throws you, no matter how much uncertainty you face, you know you will be ok because you trust yourself. You are responsible for yourself, and only you can make things happen. 

Make sure you are evaluating all areas of your life. How are you spending your time and your money? Are you surrounding yourself with good people? You make your dreams happen by making the changes you need to create and doing the work that will move you closer to your goal.

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