Enhance Your Vibrational Energy: Behavior Creates Your Frequency And Vibration

We all hold energy within us, and our vibrational energy either holds us back or pushes us up toward success. When we begin a new year, we think about the goals we want to accomplish. We can have external desires, but we need to believe them internally to achieve them. When we don’t fully believe it, we won’t take action. Knowing what is behind what we really want will motivate us to reach our goals. Understanding what behaviors hold you in low-vibration energy or high-vibration energy can help you affect change in your life.

Vibrational energy is affected by behaviors.

Your behaviors create the frequency and vibrations within you. There are different levels to our frequencies: high vibration energy and low vibration energy. 

Each behavior has a frequency. To reach the higher levels, we must learn our current behaviors and whether they are low or high vibrations. Once you know, you can identify what needs to be modified to raise us higher. Vibrations attract like vibrations. So, when you vibrate at a lower level, you attract more low-energy vibrations. But, once you can operate at a higher level, you will bring more high-level vibrations to you. Think about your behaviors and their vibration level. Are they high or low? Which vibrations hold you back?

Inward looking to assess your vibrations.

Safety, security, and protection are high-energy vibrations. You may think you have them, but what if you don’t believe them? Energetically you can see where the gap lives. You must believe it to adopt the vibrations and vibrate at a higher level. 

What behaviors are holding you back? Identify what didn’t work for you, which may be a pattern, and create a standard of what you think will happen and how you will show up differently. Hand back energy that doesn’t serve you. That will move you up the levels. When you vibrate differently, you will raise your frequency.

Belief in self and behavior.

Once you get the feeling of belief, you can conquer and move through what is not serving you. You will move through different modalities to release them, and it will get you through, allowing you to welcome the swap of your beliefs. You will flow through the areas of your life when you let go. 

What to remember to enhance your vibrational energy:

Take the ideas and desired outcomes you are looking to achieve. Identify the deeper feeling and get to the root. When you know your truth, you can figure out where you are going. Your vibrational energy can be modified to support you and connect you with more positive vibrations. There is a big difference between your practice which is the glue that keeps you together and working. Your practice is not your work. Success is an inside journey. With sustainable actions, your results will be consistent. 

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