Embracing Uncertainty: Learning to Trust Yourself and Stop Resisting

Learning to trust yourself can be a journey in and of itself. But while we don’t always know what is coming next, we do know who we are and what we are capable of. As humans, we cling to certainty. We like and want to know what’s next; not knowing is super uncomfortable. We keep resisting, but here’s all you need to know: You are enough. You are everything you need. 

How to trust yourself and the journey

We are constantly searching for the “right way.” We read all the books, take all the courses, looking for the step-by-step guide. But when it comes to your life journey and the things you are creating, there is no right way. 

You have to trust yourself; trust the journey. There is no finish line, no time on the clock to beat. And there are no “next right steps.” The only “right” steps are your steps. You don’t need to know more; you don’t need to have all the answers.

Resisting gets you nowhere 

There are things we want to happen in our lives and in our business, and we get frustrated when they haven’t happened yet, so we try to force them, and we feel the tension and the resistance that comes from it. 

We find ourselves pushing when we should be pulling, running when we should be standing our ground, banging our heads against the wall, and wondering why we aren’t solving the “problem,” especially when we are trying so hard.

Conclusion: Trust yourself, stop resisting and accept what is

The more you learn to trust yourself, the easier it can become to find acceptance. Acceptance is letting every situation be what it is instead of what we think it should be. We get trapped in the cycle of wishing our experience/situation/present moment was somehow different than what it is. We don’t realize how often we miss the magic or the lessons right in front of us because we are too busy wanting it another way.

It takes practice, but through it, we can stop the never-ending resistance we have come to know as our ‘normal.’ We can release our need for certainty. We can learn to accept what is without needing to approve of it. We can simultaneously hold the highest vision and accept our now – even if we don’t particularly like it.

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