Finding your identity by Embracing the Gift of Desperation

They call it the gift of desperation: until you set out toward finding your identity, nothing will change. That’s when you have to decide to dig your feet in and push through the discomfort. Whether it’s personal growth or healing, being successful or growing your business, you have to want it badly enough to set out to achieve it. 

What is the gift of desperation?

When we’re desperate for a change or to get a new result, we will ourselves to get out of the rut and push through the discomfort and the fear of the unknown. Known as the Gift of Desperation, this feeling often propels us forward by helping us overcome our resistance to change.

Here are 5 key approaches to start finding your identity and embracing growth: 

  1. Your identity precedes your destiny. If you want to live in abundance, it starts here. You have to change how you think, who you’re around, and what you’re doing.
  2. Pour into you. Are you really solid in your foundation and happy with who you are? Be confident in who you are and what you believe in.
  3. Everyone experiences adversity; what will you make of it? What impact will your gift of desperation create?
  4. You have to be desperate. Why do you want to be successful? What is your purpose? Get out of bed and stop making excuses.
  5. Change from within; be rooted in everything you do.

We all make choices daily that can either keep us stuck where we are now or help us take the steps towards creating the life we were made for and the life we deserve. Nothing changes if we don’t change anything. Growth, in every aspect, is one of the hardest things to create. It requires slowing down, digging deep, and really looking inward. It requires looking at your own choices and actions that are causing you to stay stagnant in your life or in your business and changing the order of things in order to grow.

Finding your identity: persistence is the key

Remember that it’s darkest before the dawn. Finding your identity involves a lot of searching, struggling, and overcoming bias. Embracing the gift of desperation requires us to be mindful of the following lessons:

  • Love is a currency. Sometimes it isn’t about trying to see what you can get; it’s about seeing how we can get love to do what it needs to do. 
  • Adversity creates opportunity. Lean into it.
  • Leadership is about helping to guide, cultivate, and inspire others. You often hear that leadership is a lonely place, but true leaders are not lonely because they bring people along with them.
  • We need to collaborate; we can’t do everything on our own.

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