Embrace Your Power: It’s Up to You 

It’s up to you, even though we like to pretend that we’re not in control. It is amazing how people comfortably blame others for how their life turned out. It’s easy to talk about how someone made you feel a certain way that made you turn out the way you did.

It’s up to you: The way you talk to yourself matters

In the same way, it’s also comfortable for people to say negative things about themselves. And the funniest part is that these conversations are made within ourselves. We talk to ourselves about what we hate and what we don’t like, and we think no one is listening. But you are. Your world is built around every conversation you have – including the conversations with yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, it defines who you are, your thoughts, your reactions, your actions, and even your identity. While it might seem difficult to change what happens in the unconscious mind – it is not impossible.

How to control your unconscious mind

Read on to see what you have to do to realign your mind and yourself in the right direction.

Find out the Source

To control your unconscious mind – which is 80% of who you are – you need to stop the tracks of what you are already doing that is not serving you. So when you find yourself making those negative conversations, stop right there. But most importantly, ask yourself, ‘Where am I thinking from? What is the source of these thoughts?’ When you ask yourself this question, you’ll get a reflection. 

Self Awareness

The second thing you need is to find yourself. Get clarity. Clarity creates certainty, and certainty creates confidence. When you reach the point where you are aware of who you truly are, you’ll know what is right and what isn’t, and you’ll feel confident knowing you’re in control. 


Finally, to control your unconscious mind, you need to let go. It is not uncommon to have heard this word. Many people talk about detachment – letting go and things of that sort. Well, maybe that’s because it is very important. It is crucial that you free yourself of things that hold you back – things that drag you down mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is all so that you can feel freer to move. 

Ways to Detach

  1. Meditation: This is where your intuition and higher self get awakened to grow. Here is where you can release the chaos and get the light – the control.
  2. Yoga: It teaches you to let go and surrender. Moving stuck energy. It is energetic endurance. 
  3. Distance yourself from people that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Go for those from people that celebrate you. Also, keep away from people that leave you drained. 
  4. Forgiveness: train your mind to let go.

Conclusion: Your unconscious mind is up to you

When you have successfully tackled all three of these tasks, then you can go back to your mind to correct whatever it is you don’t want. It’s up to you; you will be in control, you will be certain, and you will be free to do what it is you want to do. Good luck! 

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