Elevate Yourself, Don’t Hold Back

It’s funny how we often end up not elevating ourselves but choosing to hold back, even when life hands us so many resources and opportunities. If you start questioning yourself, you will see that you are only using a fraction of the available resources. 

What’s even worse is that some people convince themselves that a small fraction is enough and that it is what they deserve. If you appear to be content with a toxic relationship, a low-paying job, an unhealthy environment, or a small portion of what life has to offer, you must know this by 2023: Stop holding back!

8 ways to know if you’re holding yourself back

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of 1 to 8. In front of each reason, tick “yes” or “no,” depending on your answer to those questions. So select yes or no if:

  1. You know what to do about your health and fitness but still have not done it.
  2. You want to change your job or business for whatever reason and have found yourself spending a few more months or years on it.
  3. You stayed in or are currently in a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in.
  4. You wanted to move to a different city or travel, and you are still seated in the same place you have been 
  5. You wanted to take a class to return to school, but you still haven’t taken it.
  6. You wanted to start a new business but haven’t done it.
  7. You knew someone in your social or work circle that you wanted to ask out on a date, but you never did, or you are still hesitating for some reason. 
  8. Have you ever wanted to write a book on a subject in which you are a niche expert but have yet to do so?

If your answer is “yes” for all or the majority of those questions, you need to understand why you hold back on your dreams and how you can elevate yourself hereon. 

Why do we hold back?

Some of the things that might be stopping you from getting the success you deserve are:

  • Waiting for permission from others to work on your goals.
  • Waiting for the perfect time or opportunity to elevate yourself.
  • Your reluctance to leave the security of the known: You may be delaying action until it is less uncertain or risky.
  • Hesitating for no specific reason. 

There are many other reasons to think about, like the inability to take a leap of faith, not having a success plan in place, being comfortable in the cage, etc.

Don’t hold back; don’t dwell on inaction

Despite all the reasons for not doing what you want to, you must keep in mind the reason behind your inaction. Often times, all the things you still have not done can be described in the following manner:

  • You know what you want to do – at least you have a foggy idea. For instance, you know you want to lose or gain weight. 
  • You know how to do it if you are honest with yourself. To lose weight, you should hit the gym. To gain weight, you have to start resting and eating right.  
  • You still have not done it, for whatever reasons you might have. 

Elevate yourself by focusing on self-determination

Self-determination is how a person controls their life and ensures their future. You have to make it your life’s goal to elevate yourself and not hold back. Your reasons don’t matter – the actions do! While taking action, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Ask yourself what you want NEXT (even a little step that results from this introspection is a promising start!).
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Keep your plans to yourself.
  4. Remember who you are and what you are capable of. 

How to stop holding yourself back

We become overwhelmed when we desire something long-term or large. The question is, what do you want next? You don’t have to want one thing for the rest of your life. Give yourself a break and focus on the next step:

  • Get comfortable asking for help and advice. But when you ask, get advice from those who know what you don’t know; people you know can add positive value to your life. 
  • Don’t blurt out your dreams to other people. Don’t tell everyone what you want to do and how you plan to do it; they don’t have to know. Share bits of your plans only with people who have the life you want and can help. Ask for help when you need it.
  • Overcome your fear of the unknown, remember that you have surely done stuff that scares people. So you are a courageous superhero, don’t forget that.
  • If you have a desire in your heart, that means you are capable of doing it. You don’t have to know the whole plan on Day 1.

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