How to Market Better with Collaboration Using the Dream 100

How to utilize the Dream 100 to market with collaboration to warm leads.

For those of you who do not want to put more money into ads, or are looking for a better way to generate revenue aside from ads, or you don’t want to make a ton of content, narrowing down your list of top customers, prospects, referrals sources and other important business contacts, can help.

This is the overall principle of the dream 100

To leverage the networks of those who are already know you who are already reaching your ideal customer.

The value of the dream 100

Not only does it get you in front of a warm audience who may be ready to take action, you also have the built in know, like and trust factors from a person who has already done the work to build up that equity with an audience.

You are dropping in while the pot is already boiling.

Collaborative Marketing

One form of marketing is collaboration marketing. The other two are advertising, which costs money, and content, which takes more time. Collaboration is a combination of a warm audience, potential speed of ROI, and not needing to make use of constant content creation to have trust and buy-in from an audience.

Understand the power of collaboration in today’s world.

We are living in the collaboration era, and operating in a collaboration economy.

Everything we do these days is based on collaboration.

Every time you post to social media, you are collaborating. The apps that you listen to your favorite influencers on our forms of collaboration, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, clubhouse, even podcasts.

Make your Dream 100 List.

Create a list of all the people, brands, and organizations who already have gathered and are serving the customers who you would like to serve. Even though this is called the dream 100, you are not limited to 100 people; my current list has over 1000 entities.

CRM Is Important

Get a CRM that keeps this neat, as you will be continually updating your records. Don’t be scared of the phrase CRM. CRM is like a bank account for relationships. It’s letting you know what communications and exchanges have happened and keep track of all of it. That’s all!

Follow up, Follow Up, FOLLOW UP!!

The key to closing deals — any kind of deal — is follow-up. People are not sitting around waiting on YOU to call on them — thus they may not be ready to move when you DO call. So, it’s YOUR JOB to FU and stay on top of that situation.

Tighten up your communication skills.

The dream 100 is all about relationships; relationships are built through communication. One thing that I do to leverage the dream 100 is personalize every single message that I send out. Back in 2015 and 16, I could send copy-pasted emails, and that would work; it doesn’t work anymore.

Make it easy for people to say YES.

When I appear on someone’s podcast, for example, people usually would like for you to share the episode. The easiest way for me to share it is when they provide me with graphics, clips from the episode, links, and sometimes – even though I really use them — pre-written captions to go with the graphics that they sent for me to share. The point is, they are making it easy for me to help them.

The dream 100 is sales.

The product is you. Even if you are selling a specific product or service, if the person you are reaching out to collaborate with, does not buy into you, they will not buy your product or service – even if it’s a great product or service. Your relationship building skills are based on your ability to sell yourself to other people.

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