Dream Jobs Don’t Just Fall Into Your Lap: How to Build a Life Your Dream About- BWC Recaps

Do you ever wish you had one of those dream jobs people boast about on social media? What if we told you the choice is yours. You can have your ideal job. All you have to do is believe in yourself. You’ve probably heard the saying, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But what if you don’t know what you love? Or what if you know what you love but are still trying to figure out how to turn it into a career? The BWC Daily hosts specialize in helping new entrepreneurs reset their minds and create their ideal life every day. If you want to learn how to build a life you dream about, the BWC Daily team has you covered. 

How Bad Do You Want To Be Great, with Branden Alaen

We live in a light and dark world, and darkness is trying to keep us trapped, but the light is fighting to set us free. If you want greatness, ask yourself how much you want it. Most people don’t think of themselves as great because of their circumstances and what people say.

You have to believe in yourself if you want anyone else to. If you don’t make sacrifices for your dreams, you’ll end up sacrificing your dreams. So let go of self-effacing thoughts and beliefs.

How to build a life around your greatness.

  1. Show Up And Show Out: You can’t just dip your toes into greatness. You must scuba dive deep into your soul to discover who you are. Don’t care what other people say. Just do your thing.
  2. Lightroom: You need to see that person, you need to be that person, and you need to show up as that person. Stop hiding from social media. Take good-quality pictures that people will love and follow.

Follow your heart and believe in yourself; you can build your ideal life. 

How You Start Is Not How You Have To Finish, with Christin Kingsbury.

Intentionality is critical if you want to understand how to build a life you dream about. Many people ask how to build a life they dream about but hold themselves back because they don’t want to seem greedy or selfish. But intentionality isn’t about being the best version of yourself for others – it’s about bettering yourself for yourself. Don’t let your limiting beliefs deprive you of your blessings. Instead, ask yourself how to use your resources to change your situation and create dream jobs that excite you.

Becoming the best version of yourself. 

  1. You Have To Believe It’s Possible And It Can Be Done By You: Believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve success. Take a shot at the idea and when that idea doesn’t work, redirect your focus to something else.
  2. You Have To Know It Matters: The “why” matters because it creates a driving force behind becoming the best version of yourself and building wealth. If you know the impact of your actions, you’re more likely to stick to your goals.
  3. Analyze Opportunities And Resources: You need to change your belief to seek opportunities and resources to generate more income and bless more people.
  4. Become A Student Of Wealth: Study everything you don’t know intentionally and purposefully. Surround yourself with people who can take you where you want to go.
  5. Have A Simple Plan: If you make things too complicated, forming a habit and sticking to a plan is tough. Keep it simple and easy to follow.

Crucial Topics To Learn To Put You In The Spotlight For Recruiters, with Trevor Houston

Trevor Houston discussed the seven hot topics to help job seekers find their dream jobs and build their ideal life. Knowing how to build a life you dream about starts with building a strong and successful online presence in your journey to financial success.

Ideal jobs help designing your ideal life possible. 

  1. Week 1-LinkedIn Optimization: It’s not enough to just have a LinkedIn profile—you need to make it a landing page. Tell visitors about your specific services and how you can help their company’s weaknesses. Use your profile to reel in your ideal client.
  2. Week 2-Professional Networking: So many people don’t know how to network. They try but end up confused. Networking is about giving value to others, not taking from them.
  3. Week 3- Understanding Linkedin algorithm: Every platform has its algorithm, and to succeed in that platform, you need to master that platform’s algorithm.
  4. Week 4- Content Creating: It’s not all about creating a unique LinkedIn profile–it’s about marketing yourself and your services through valuable content. The seven Cs to cash flow are consistent content that starts conversations that convert into a career and cash flow.
  5. Week 5-Engagement Pods: A group of people working together to engage with each other posts gives them a boost on the platform.
  6. Week 6-Targeted Outbound And Inbound Messaging: The goal is to get the eyes of companies on you, but you don’t just want to sit at a spot until they find you. You want to get in their DMs and emails. Do not wait for opportunities. Create opportunities.
  7. Week 7-deep Diving Into The Trojan Horse Job Seeking Strategy: The money is in the follow-up. After an interview, it is essential to follow up on the company with a short video, that way, you infiltrate it. That is why it is called the trojan horse strategy.

The takeaway: Dream jobs don’t just happen.

Dream jobs don’t fall into your lap. If you want something, you have to go out and get it. You have to be proactive and use your intention to create the life you want. So don’t wait around – get up and make your dreams a reality!

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