Don’t Give Up When Things Aren’t Working: Pivot and Keep Moving Forward

When things in business aren’t working, don’t give up. Sometimes you have to go back to move forward. It may be frustrating, there may be uncertainty, and you may not see the whole path but push on and go to work. 

There is a process we may have to go through, and we may fail, but through these failures, we learn. As we learn, we grow, and eventually, we succeed. Failure is just the opportunity to pivot, so when failure strikes, go to work and find the lesson to grow. Use opportunities as they come your way because it is part of your journey. You can not fail if you don’t give up.

Networking is all about connecting with the right people.

Surround yourself with the people that are going to elevate you. When we surround ourselves with the right people, it helps us to grow. They are usually in alignment with you and want to see you succeed. Communicate with them so they know your path so you can be on the same page.

When things fail, pivot and go to work.

If your plan isn’t working, don’t work harder. Pivot and go to work on the new project or strategy. To know when things are not working, you have to have clarity

You may need to adjust your plan if it needs to be fixed. You can keep your direction the same if you have a plan that keeps you moving forward. It may be slow going, and you may make mistakes but keep the course until you reach your goals.

Fail forward, and don’t give up.

You only fail when you stop trying, so don’t give up. We all have different stuff going on in our lives. Be humble and try and do better. Do not compare yourself to where you came from but where you are now and where you are going. 

You only fail when you stop trying. Have clarity and come up with a plan. You may only see part of the path, but keep following it until you reach your destination. Failure is a part of growth so learn from your mistakes. 

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