How To Dominate Sales With Your Team

Many times, we set goals and don’t work towards them or quit when we fall behind or when it seems like the goal won’t be met.

One of the reasons why we don’t keep going is that we don’t have the strategies, tips, and tools needed to get them done.

Sometimes we don’t know where to start and need to get advice from others who are already where we want to be.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t hear from some customers after they purchase from you?

Have you ever wondered why some people see their customers doing business with other business owners?

Have you ever wondered why your sales aren’t where you want them to be?

Coach Your Team

  • Christina has been in the National Queens Court of Personal Sales 11 times in the direct sales company she is an independent contractor with. She has a team that she coaches and mentors. Members of the entire sales force also share and help each other in the organization as well. There is no place for selfishness.
  • Her job as a sales director is to give her team and others in the organization tools they need to be successful in business. They can choose to use it or not, but at least she knows she did her job by sharing what she knows will help them.

Know Your Numbers

  1. Know your numbers. Know what target you have to hit to complete your goal. We can’t start without knowing that. We can’t hit the target if we don’t know what the target is.
  2. Break it down. Get your number. Divide that number by 12 so you will know what you have to do every single month. If you can and need to do more. Go for it. Some of us are overachievers.
  3. Once you get your monthly number, break it down by the weeks. Divide that number by 4.
  4. Next, find out what you have to do daily to hit your weekly goal. Divide by 7.


  1. Pray in advance. Thank God in advance that the goal is already done. Thank you, God, for allowing me to complete another year in the National Queens Court of Personal Sales. Thank you, God, for the hundreds and thousands of people these tips and tools will help today. Pray that it’s ALREADY done and GO TO WORK!


  1. Study your craft even more if you need to. Always be learning. Seek to learn more every chance you get so you can help others.
  2. If you have a team, share, share, and share everything with your team. Teach them everything you know. If you get sick or if a family member gets sick and you can’t work as much, they will ensure the team goals are met and they, too, will hit their yearly sales goal. They will keep the team going if you are unable to if you teach them everything you know.
  3. Connect with top sellers that are in your industry and top sellers that are not in your industry, get their ideas, tweak them to fit you, and try them out. If they work, work them in the ground every chance you get. When sales slow down from those ideas, re-strategize with new ideas. It has to be a continuous operation. You cannot stop if the sales stop with one idea.

Stay top of mind of customers

  1. You have to stay in front of your customers so they will know that you are still relevant. Check on your customers 2+2+2 (2 days after the initial sale, 2 weeks after the sale, and 2 months). Every 2-3 months, I or my assistant check on my customers. They may need something or they may need to reorder. Sometimes, they get so busy that they don’t get a chance to send in reorders. The minute my assistant or I call them they are happy, and they place an order. They thank me for following up. Follow-up is crucial.

Gifts and Upsells

  1. Give gifts with purchases (you set the amount). It could be if they purchase $50 or more, $100 or more… you set your number. The gift is normally something that compliments a product or service the customer is already using. If they like the gift or service, they will reorder.
  2. Upsell products. We sell skincare, color cosmetics, and body care products. If a customer says they want a cleanser, I will suggest other products like a moisturizer, day cream, and night cream. The idea is to sell in sets. Products work best and give the best results when they are used as a set if they are part of a set.


  1. Offer refunds and exchanges. I avoid this at all costs, but I do offer them. I work to keep my customers happy to keep this from happening. If it happens, offer exchanges instead of refunds. We have many options. If one product doesn’t work then another one may or you may be able to add supplements to what they are already using.
  2. Have non-negotiables. I work every day except Sundays. Let me say that I try to not work on Sundays. It doesn’t always work out that way. Let them know your hours so they won’t call you during family time, worship times, etc.

Appreciate customers

  1. I have customer appreciation sales twice per year, in June and December, because those are the months that I have to complete big goals to stay on track. Our Fiscal Year is July 1st – June 30th. June closes out the year for me. December is the halfway point. In order for me to stay on track with my goals, I need to have my yearly goals halfway done or beyond in December.


  1. Take advantage of every holiday and run promotions around each one. Reach out to people in your industry and ask them what they are doing if you don’t know what to do. Stalk them on social media to see what they are doing, copy it, tweak it, and make it your own. IT’S OKAY TO COPY AS LONG AS YOU COPY THE RIGHT CAT! I got this from one of my mentors, Elite Executive National Sales Director Emeritus, Gloria Mayfield Banks.
  2. Introduce new products and services to customers as soon as they are available, and upsell them when customers initially order or reorder.

Follow up

  1. Follow up, follow up, follow up! Consistent FOLLOW-UP is key!
  2. At the end of the day, we have to SOLVE PAIN PROBLEMS FOR OUR CLIENTS. If we can’t do that, we are out of business!

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up on your goals. No matter what, work hard to hit them. You will be glad you didn’t give up. “DON’T BE A WISH I HAD. BE A I’M GLAD I DID!”

If you would like to dive into these more, follow and DM Christina on IG @choward005, connect with Christina via all links at, and let her know if you would like to connect on a 15-minute call to receive more detailed information on Christina’s Tips and Strategies to Dominate in Sales.

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