Decoding the Science of Gratitude:

The Practice, Purpose, and Power of Gratitude 

The science of gratitude holds immense potential to transform our lives. Gratitude can be defined as the “social glue” that strengthens bonds among friends, family members, and love partners and is the basis of human society. Focusing on the power of gratitude and using gratitude as a tool in your life to take control of what you can brings about an amazing difference.

The Science of Gratitude: Three Ps of Gratitude

We often wonder how to express gratitude, which can’t be done effectively without understanding the three Ps of gratitude: power, purpose, and practice.

Susie Miller talks about how the power of gratitude affects us, what gratitude is for, and how we can practice being grateful.

  1. Power of gratitude

According to research, humans are a living energy field. The body produces energy particles, each of which is in constant motion, which means that every living being in the universe emits and receives vibrational energy.

If we understand the power, frequency, and vibrations of gratitude, we will be able to change our lives if we choose to. Understanding the power of your thoughts, and what you focus on can shift everything. 

What you think about, you bring about. What you think about brings out vibrational energy, and this draws like energy. That’s why you should focus on putting out good energy.

  1. Purpose of gratitude

The purpose of gratitude is that we get to choose when we tap into the power of gratitude. We use it to get where we want to go, to change our thinking, and to change our lives. The same area of the brain that controls your emotions and behaviors also controls your ability to focus your attention.

What can you do when you sense negative energy? While we cannot control circumstances, we can exercise our power of choice to do the right thing when faced with adversities. The purpose of gratitude is to shift us to a higher plane.

  1. Practice of gratitude

The very good thing about the practice of gratitude, is that it can be cultivated. You can bring gratitude into your life as a practice. Ask yourself where you can practice gratitude. Being grateful doesn’t mean pretense.

What are you grateful for: implementing the 3 Ps of gratitude

Gratitude does not mean pretending everything is fine; practicing and cultivating gratitude means you are choosing to focus your time and attention on what you can appreciate and what you can control with your energy.

Writing, rehearsing, and repeating gratitude words are great ways to practice gratitude.

Remember to:

  • Practice waking up grateful.
  • Make gratitude-repetition a habit.
  • Tap into the power of gratitude.
  • What we say to ourselves matters the most.
  • The more specific you can be, the more vibration, energy, and frequency you can put out.

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