Create Your Own Reality: 5 Actionable Steps to Turning Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Reality

Most of us spend a good chunk of our time coming up with the best New Year’s resolutions in order to change something in our lives. However, what you need to realize is that you create your own reality. As a result, the best new year’s resolutions are the ones you worked hard to make a reality.

Create your own reality: 5 steps to bring intentionality to your best new year’s resolutions

When you determine precisely what version of yourself you want to become in 2023, you’ll have more clarity on all the elements needed to become that person.

There are five key steps to turning your New Year’s resolutions into reality:

  1. Understand the motivation behind your goal. 

You need a reality check when defining your goals. You need to be realistic about what you actually want to achieve to lead a purposeful life. Is your wish strong enough to motivate you to keep going 6 months from now? Going deeper with your reasons ensures you have the motivation to pursue your goal consistently. Then figure out what resources you need to achieve your vision. 

  1. Address your fear head-on. 

The fear becomes overwhelming when you start to ignore it. Tell yourself that it’s okay to fail. The sooner you address your fear, the quicker you are going to gain control over it. 

  1. Focus 

Instead of pursuing several goals at once; follow one course until you start seeing results. 

  1. Commit 

Motivation alone is not enough if you don’t commit.  

  1. Don’t get stuck on the end result alone. 

If you focus on the end result alone, you are setting yourself up for failure. Look at the byproducts and takeaways along the journey rather than focusing only on the eventual outcomes.

Creating your own reality with a well-defined roadmap

It’s not so much about what the new year brings you as it is about what you bring into it. What are you going to do on a daily basis to put yourself in a position to win? If you don’t have a plan or a roadmap to achieve your goals, chances are you are going to fail. You need a strategy in order to maintain the motivation and discipline needed to achieve that vision. 


  • Oftentimes, we feel overwhelmed because we don’t have a roadmap or a strategy to guide us through each milestone.
  • Figure out what resources you need in order to do the things you want to do.
  • You have to understand all of the different aspects that are going to contribute to making your goal a reality.
  • The things you are going to learn along the way are as important as the end result. 

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