Create Your Own Identity: Copy Other People’s Tactics But Stick With Your Own Approach

How do you create your own identity to succeed in business and in life? The micro-habits that you create in your life are a huge part of the solution. When you read tons of books, listen to podcasts, and constantly seek out expert advice, it becomes essential for you to find your inner voice. This way, you won’t lose your identity during the learning process. 

Create your own identity with three phases of business growth

There are three phases when it comes to business growth: learning your craft, mastering your marketing, and then becoming a team leader.

Phase One: learning your craft

Phase One of business growth is learning from mentors and thought leaders. The most successful people are obsessed with mentorship and learning. But if you are learning from others, how do you actually carve out your own beliefs?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What topic do I need to learn more about?” The most difficult aspect of business growth is having to let go of a piece of your identity in order to reach the next level. Find the courage to leave your comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

Phase Two: mastering marketing

In sales, you sell someone’s perceived problem. In marketing, you are trying to educate your market, not sell them. Create value for your customers, and educate them about how your product can help them eliminate their problem. This requires a comprehensive mindset shift from sales to marketing. 

Phase Three: leadership

The next step is to start delegating his tasks to a team. However, there are three things you can’t delegate: learning sales, learning marketing, and learning leadership. 

Sometimes it’s harder to do nothing than to do something. Still, it’s important to resist the urge to micromanage. Instead, learn to delegate and empower your team. Oftentimes, people say they need to put their house in order first before starting to build a team. But in reality, you need to hire first and then build the system with your team. You can learn tactics from mentors, but you only know the approach, and the methodologies through which you will follow those tactics. This way, you can copy the Joneses’ tactics, but you’ll never have to follow them.

Takeaway: create your own identity

Listen to your inner voice; this will ensure that you won’t lose your identity during the learning process. Here’s the weirdest thing about business growth: as soon as you get good at something, you should be giving it up in order to continue to grow. Following these three phases of business growth will ensure that you succeed time and again.

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