Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy to Eliminate Overwhelm

In this digital age, it’s important to develop a winning content strategy if you want to be successful. Content is king! Today, any business owner or content creator realizes how beneficial it is to dive into the digital world and have a presence on social media, but they also know how overwhelming it is, especially to do it in an impactful way. And over the last year alone, it has gotten even more exhausting and overwhelming with the continuously changing algorithms on each of the different platforms. 

Develop a winning content strategy to eliminate overwhelm

Here are some types of content you can incorporate into your winning content strategy right now to eliminate overwhelm and social media burnout:

Jump into your actual stories

First of all, just pick one platform to focus on. Part of the burnout comes from trying to focus on all of the different platforms at once. To build a winning content strategy, you can’t burnout. Create a recurring reminder in your phone to post a story to your account four times a day: before work, lunch, midday, and right before you turn off your computer for the day. Share what you are doing, who you are doing it with, and why you are doing it. Stories are the new vlog.

Educational Content

Make a list of common questions that people ask about or within your industry. Map out three buckets of the types of questions that people would ask, and then use those buckets to break out five pieces of content each. Answer these questions in a short-form video. Dedicate 30 minutes a week to sit down and shoot 10–15 pieces of content. Example: LegalEagle on YouTube


This can be done on any platform, but if you want to monetize and grow your YouTube channel, watch time is currently the most important factor. There is no doubt that a winning content strategy needs Livestream. Live Streams also create higher engagement and retention and are a great way to build a community. Example: Emily D. Baker is the prime example of a community builder. She also utilizes “super chat,” in which people will pay for her to answer their questions on the Livestream.

Think of promotional content or videos

Also, focus on the structure of your video: start with a “hook and a human.” 

Use one of your long-form videos as your pillar piece of content. Upload your video to a transcription service like and pull out 10–20 quotes that you can use as tweets. Then take those tweets and turn them into short-form videos. 


Use current events or trending topics as a content topic and create a video filming your reaction to something or talking about whatever the trending topic is with a green screen behind it.

Conclusion: Develop a winning content strategy

It’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to figure out how to “play the social media game” and lose sight of the real reason you are showing up there in the first place. Here are some keys to create a winning content strategy to scale your business:

  • Don’t get stuck on vanity metrics.
  • Exponential growth comes from training the platforms to understand who your ideal audience is
  • Make sure your messaging is clear across the board.
  • Remember: You are talking to one person – your potential customer.
  • If you can figure out how to execute yourself, you will never be taken advantage of.

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