Content is Queen: Creative Content Marketing to Grow Your Leads

Creative content marketing is one of the more challenging tasks for business owners. As an entrepreneur, you must be a content marketer in some capacity in today’s world. As a content creator, you can inspire others with your gifts. But how can you inspire people with your content? 

It starts with trust. If you want to inspire your audience, prospects, or clients, they first need to trust you. And one of the best ways to build trust is through storytelling. Sharing stories in your content helps people see that you’re trustworthy and worth listening to. So if you want to inspire others, create content that builds trust.

Become inspirational to your audience with creative content marketing.

The point of creative content marketing is to generate leads and make sales. If you’re not doing that, you’re not marketing to the right people. Engagement is great, but it means nothing if you’re not making money. Focus on creating content that will appeal to your target market and lead to conversions. 

As a marketer, understanding your audience is essential. So, how can we win? Content is the key; it builds a bridge between leads and customers. You need content to succeed. While it may not get you sales directly, it’s essential for gaining customer trust. And trust leads to sales.

Content is Queen, and Data is King. 

There are 3 buckets you need to look at when talking about data. 

  1. The reach- why you need attention. You need content that will get your attention
  2. Build trust- engagement is trust. You need content that has high engagement
  3. Monetization- how many people are going to your landing page? This is monetization.

The blueprint for creative content marketing

When beginning your content strategy, you must remember there are different strategies for content. Your social media content strategy should revolve around these percentages:

  • 40%-attention 
  • 40%-engaging 
  • 20%-drive to the landing page

The REAL Factor: creative content marketing in a nutshell

R- relatable: 

We all know that things aren’t always perfect behind the scenes. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we fail. We can all relate to each other, so don’t be afraid to bring that out in your content. It’ll make it more relatable and engaging. Share your story, and talk about what you are doing, what you hope to do, your success, and your failures. 

E- educate: 

To inspire people, you must show your experience. As a content marketer, educate your audience with exciting and informative content. Bring them advice, tips, tricks, and infographics to help them learn more about your passion.

A- authority: 

As an expert in your field, you must show your audience you know what you’re talking about. Use testimonials, accolades, case studies, and validated sources and resources to show that you’re an authority in your field. This will help you build trust with your audience and establish yourself as an expert.

L- leads. 

You have to drive your audience to an offer. You need to have a clear call to action for your audience. Give them an offer that solves their problems. Make sure you have suitable lead magnets, events, webinars, and community.

Understanding Authority:

To get more leads, you need to establish yourself as an authority. There are three levels of authority: expert authority, authority, and celebrity authority. It’s not just about what you say. It’s about what others are saying about you. Celebrity authority is the highest level of authority you can achieve over time. 

Starting your journey as a content marketer with this social media content strategy

Creating creative content for your business or brand can be easy. The best pieces of content you will make are usually the ones you don’t edit. Getting your experience, trust, and inspiration out there will boost your brand visibility and ultimately lead to more sales and growth. 

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