Content is King: Five ways to create short-form Content

Devising a winning social media content strategy is key to success. On that note, short-form video content is king these days. The algorithms prioritize it and are pushing for it on the majority of the platforms.

5 ingredients to help you create short form content quickly

Small business owners can easily get caught up in trying to “perfect” short form content. Resist the temptation to follow “all the rules” to the extent that you don’t end up posting much content, if any, in the first place. Remember, content is king. Perfection will come with practice.

Here are five critical factors that will help you create short-form content quickly:

  1. Avoid the perfectionism trap.

It is important to learn to just post videos as much as you can and to push past that wiring in your brain that is telling you not to post them.

  1. Focus on sharing your story.

Learn how to tell your story quickly and how to create content in the moment. Avoid questioning yourself about why you are doing it or being worried about what other people are going to think.

  1. Devise a reliable sorting process.

Focus on sorting the videos you’ve shot. As you start churning out the videos, create separate albums or folders where you can sort the types of videos you are making. Sorting your videos on the backend enables you to quickly find them when you need them in the future.  

  1. Create content in shareable formats.

Several people record their videos directly in whichever app they are using, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. However, when you record directly on one of those platforms, there is now metadata on your video that you will have to strip off in order to repurpose it on a different platform. If you record your content directly on your phone, you don’t have to worry about the metadata, and you can easily share it on multiple platforms.

  1. Build a series.

Make a list of activities you enjoy or want to do and start recording them. Whether it’s a series about luxury travel or a series about different date ideas, you can create a series on literally anything, but you have to stop sitting behind your camera and getting so caught up in how to do the content that you don’t actually create the content.

Takeaway: Short form content is king 

Attempt to evoke emotions in your viewers. Evoking emotions in your audience or followers is what keeps them coming back. A winning social media content strategy requires you to create content wherever you are at the moment. Master your voice projection and your energy so that you can create content on the fly. 

Even if it doesn’t go viral, the content you create right now helps you create a memory bank for your life to look back on one day. 

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