Consistency is Key: How Being Everywhere Can Help You Build Trust 

As in all things worth doing, consistency is key. This goes as well with the ways in which you show up in various spaces to reach your target audience. When you show up consistently, you are building trust with your audience. There is a saying about being famous to your cousin, which means that we may not be known globally, but we are known to the ones that need us.

Consistency is key: The playbook for gaining attention and building trust

We are in a world where trust is imperative. Build trust and relationships to gain attention. We are trying to gain attention to ourselves, so we can serve.

1. The power of email marketing.

There are three types of people when it comes to email marketing. First are those that are doing it well. Then there are the people that are doing it but need to do it better. The last are the people that need to utilize it more. Email marketing is essential because it reaches people where they are. This makes email very powerful and a key component to building trust. 

2. There is power in social media marketing.

There are many versions of how to do it and what works best. Find the one that works best for you so that you can be everywhere your audience is. Many people get overwhelmed by the idea of showing up on social platforms, but the only way to do it is to embrace failing forward and just try. It is important to remember that even on social platforms, consistency is key.

3. A website is another way you can be everywhere.

It is a way to connect your audience to you and shows them exactly who you are and what you can do to serve them. Your site can provide important information like podcasts, newsletters, events, and social media links. It should give your audience a 360-degree experience of everything about you, further building trust.

4. Events are important.

Are you doing or attending different events? Let your audience know where your events are held or the events you are attending. There is nothing that beats shaking hands and giving hugs. By doing this, you are growing your community which will elevate you to the next level. 

5. Podcasts and TV and radio interviews are other ways to be known.

Post and share your quotes. Everyone can only do some things, but 360-degree marketing allows you to reach the market of the people you serve. Embrace the power of failing forward and lean into it. Consistently showing up is the only way you can gain attention.

Failing forward and building trust

You have their trust and attention when you serve small businesses, and they know your name. Stop pitching to the ones you have yet to establish the know, like, and trust with. Begin to develop relationships to earn trust and to get attention. Start a podcast. Go live consistently because the video is essential. Some people are hurting and are down and out. They need to hear you. There is failure on your way to success; that’s why they call it failing forward. Know your vision and make it happen.

Conclusion: Consistency is key in 360-degree marketing

With the power of 360-degree marketing, you can become known everywhere. To not get bored, give yourself challenges. Don’t expect immediate results, for it’s all in the consistency. Remember, consistency is key. It’s ok to start small, but start somewhere and be proud of yourself. The more you do, the better results you get. Don’t get intimidated and down on yourself. Something done will win every single time and is building trust in the process. Even with an average performance and a high level of consistency, you will become known everywhere.

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