Communicating With Impact

Setting up Effective Business Communication for Success

Businesses operate on absolutes, not maybes. Communicating with impact enables business owners to help the team adhere to clearly-defined operational standards. Why does the dictionary matter?

The operational standards, or “dictionary” is a baseline for communication, creating a simple framework that reduces the opportunity for confusion. It puts an end to all debates over what is correct and what is not. 

Implementing efficient business communications

What happens when we remove standards? What is the result? Chaos is what happens. Having efficient business communications in place, prevents arguments and disagreement. 

Accuracy is essential to reaching our highest level. There is conflict everywhere. Even in large well-known companies and organizations. Hiring a diverse team does not equal performance. What works is hiring the right people for the job. You need people who can implement efficient business communications to the standards that you set.

Communicating with impact to drive success

Business owners who want to remove confusion from their processes should introduce systems and standards. When you operate on absolutes, there are no negotiations, no curve lines—just the baseline. 

  • The dictionary creates a foundation for communication.
  • “Right” does not imply “precise.”
  • Standards are important for any business.
  • If you create your own meanings, it will lead to chaos.
  • Business relies on what is absolute and not on varieties.

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