Cold Therapy Could Change Your Life: Health Benefits of Cold Exposure

The benefits of cold therapy or cold exposure are remarkable. Having cold showers, cold swimming, and going out when it is cold has its advantage in advocating longevity. Cold therapy as a treatment for the disease isn’t a new model. Cold water therapy has existed for millenniums. 

Ancient Greece and Romans used cold therapy as a treatment for headaches and other diseases. Gout and diabetes were treated using cold therapy in the early 90s by doctors.

Exercise is a typical example of low-level stress that helps build the body against subsequent disease attacks. You feel discomfort initially and then feel suitable for a longer time. Scientists believe that cold exposure can work in this same manner. Cold showers stimulate both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

4 benefits of cold exposure

1 Metabolic benefit

Cold exposure can cause an increase in metabolic activities reducing fatty acids and excess sugars. Additionally, it promotes the synthesis of brown fats, which help to develop metabolism by breaking glucose and fat molecules to produce heat and support body temperature regulation.

2 Immune system

Scientific evidence suggests that it can stimulate the production of white blood cells and different antibodies that help against fighting off diseases. Cold water therapy can help to reduce the production of stress hormones.

3 Mental and psychological benefits

Cold exposure is some mental exercise and a form of character building. It’s some top-down control where the brain learns to adjust to unfavorable situations, helping it make necessary adjustments and consequently building mental resilience. Cold exposure increases your baseline stress threshold. Its exposure helps with some mental diseases, such as depression, etc. Cold exposure can cause an increase in dopamine which helps with moods and feelings.

4 Cold exposure helps with recovery as an athlete

Cold water exposure helps recovery. Ice water bathes as an athlete can reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, swelling, and sand stiffness. If you are building a new healthy morning routine and getting back into workout mode, cold water therapy may help you stay motivated. 

Cold therapy tips.

You don’t need to look for cold lakes and seas before you start cold water therapy; it can be done in your bathroom. And you don’t need to do the cold shower for long; just a 30-second or 1min switch into a cold shower can go a long way.

The benefits to cold therapy

Doing a cold shower in the evening can prolong the effect into the night, affecting your sleep because of the release of adrenaline. If you have some conditions like asthma or heart condition, consult your doctor before you begin. If a cold shower seems impossible, you can start with face immersion in cold water.

Cold therapy has proven benefits that should not be ignored. If used properly, you will feel the effect quickly and become invigorated and revitalized with every cold water plunge!

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