The First Step in the Decision Making Process: Choose Faith Over Fear 

A risk-free life is a life devoid of faith. You must relinquish your tendency to play it safe forever. When you choose faith over fear, you’ve taken the first step in the decision making process.

Choose faith, not fear.

Nobody can be fearless all the time. It’s okay to be scared; your reactions to the fear differentiate you from others. Think of the sovereign power that is always guiding you in how you make decisions and go about your daily life.

Choosing faith is the first step in the decision-making process. We are not called to live a risk-free life but to face all situations while putting our faith in God.

Choose faith over fear in different aspects of your life

Think about what it will look like when you meet your ultimate potential in person. Will you be self-assured enough to say you fulfilled your potential, or will you live in regret, knowing that fear kept you from achieving your goals and becoming the person you were meant to be? 

Here’s how choosing faith over fear can benefit you in life:


Learning to trust God and taking a leap of faith help you make tremendous progress in your business. Deciding to expand even though sales are low and making tough decisions during recessions or adverse times helps you move faster and draws you towards self-actualization

You don’t need to progress at the same speed as everyone else; your only source of inspiration should be the Supreme Being, who can do all things and has also given you that ability.


Think about what you would do differently regarding your relationships, your parents, or situations involving loved ones if someone told you everything was possible. Now, instead of waiting for life to happen, live in this reality and make things happen for yourself.


Would you take on that course if someone promised you excellent grades and better prospects? If the answer is yes, then why not start it today? You don’t need to live in limitation; open yourself up to the endless possibilities that abound in living a life of fear. Your career would flourish as a result.


The investments you have been thinking about for years but are afraid of the unknown: would you venture into them if you had the assurance of profit? It would help if you started thinking about how you can make things work rather than constantly thinking of failure and how it won’t work out.

Takeaway: Choose faith over fear. 

Your beliefs about what is and isn’t possible influence your decisions. Live a life of faith: believe that all the aspects of life are working together for your good, and that all outcomes are in your favor. 

Get out of your own way to embrace uncertainty. Do not be afraid to take bold steps that will be beneficial to your career, finances, and family. 

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