Change Your Identity By Changing Your Beliefs

Is it possible to change your identity by shifting your perspective and values? The truth is, nothing is more powerful than a shift in perspective. Your only limitations are the ones you set for yourself.

A belief is just that – a belief. Beliefs are not facts. They become our beliefs based on past experiences and influences outside of us. If you hear a story repeatedly, no matter if the story is true or not, your mind will begin to believe it. When you fail to reframe your limiting beliefs, they grow louder until they become your convinced truth. Instead of questioning why we feel that way, we just accept that feeling to be true and continue in the cycle of strengthening old patterns and limiting beliefs.

Change your identity by reframing your beliefs

You can’t shift in a new direction if you are still clinging to the old story of “who you are.” If you’re feeling stuck or unable to let go of something or move on from it, it’s because you’re attached to a story that doesn’t serve you. Every single day, we tell ourselves so many stories. How many serve us? How many keep us rooted in a spot we are so desperate to move out of?

We have patterned ways of thinking, feeling, and being. And often, those habits aren’t in alignment with who you are or who you want to be. 

You have to shift and reframe. You have to recognize that any limitations you feel are just distortions of perception. It takes practice, reflection, and consistency to start changing these patterns. You get “unstuck” by learning to look at what’s in front of you a little differently, by empowering yourself with a different narrative that inspires you to different actions. 

Challenge your conditioning to scale!

Every single thing is a result of our conditioning until we choose to challenge it. Until we choose to accept responsibility for our own happiness and stop trying to blame our pain and unhappiness on external forces. If you want something to change, YOU have to change. Change comes from taking responsibility, and realizing that it is you who creates your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Anything you are unwilling to take responsibility for will continue to live in your shadow. 

A shift in perspective is holds way more transformational power that one can imagine. True power comes from knowing without conviction that you are good, worthy, safe, and living with absolute purpose. That is where the lasting change happens.

Takeaway: change your identity

If we’re not choosing our identity, it’s because we don’t believe it’s possible for us to change. Our beliefs inform our behaviors. What happened to you is not your fault, but healing as you go forward is your responsibility.

It changes your life when you are clear on who you are and what you want. What you say about yourself holds power, whether helpful or not. Mastery is the ability to choose your response, and to do the things that need to be done regardless of how we feel.

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